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Widow Withdraws $6K to Pay Off Late Husband's Tombstone But Forgets Purse on Train


Every day, positive stories from all around the world restore our faith in humanity. There are a lot of good people out there doing good things and making a difference.

These are the heartwarming stories that inspire us to be and do better in life.

Well, one Australian man made sure to set a positive example by helping one lady living in Sydney, and it was all captured by Yahoo! 7 news.

It all started Monday morning, Feb. 5, when widow En Huynh withdrew $6,000 to pay off her late husband’s tombstone. It took a year’s worth of savings from her pension for her to pay off the debt.

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Placing the money in her purse, En caught a train ride. When her commute was over, the woman somehow forgot her purse on that very same train.

Perhaps you’ve done something similar, or know someone who has. It’s distressing when it’s anything you’ve left behind.

But thousands of dollars? And on public transportation? Good luck ever retrieving that — most of us would expect the darker parts of human nature to ensure we never see that cash again.

The mistake left En upset. According to her son Gilbert, “She was all over the shop, she was very distressed, she couldn’t even talk properly, she was sweating, not in a good state.”

He took off from work that day to be there for his mom. It seemed like all hope was lost until good Samaritan Adem Gashi came in contact with the family.

Gashi had actually found the missing handbag and made up in his mind that he would track down the owner.

When he took it home and saw the cash, he realized how important it must have been to the person who lost it.

With a little investigation, Gashi found an address inside. He used that address to locate En, who lived in a small suburb called Parramatta.

Their brief meeting was a relieving moment for En. “We’re just so blessed, my mum is over the moon to be able to pay off the balance of my dad’s tombstone,” Gilbert said on behalf of his mother.

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Though it might seem like a small gesture to some, Gashi did the right thing by returning the purse.

It must have been tempting to hold onto to the cash, but he thought of the bigger picture, and now it will help En finally be at peace with her husband’s death.

As someone said on Yahoo! 7’s Facebook post: “I always believe, do for others as you would like to think they would do for you.. Thank you young man for your Honesty, you do us all proud…”

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