'WJ Live': Is John Piper's Anti-Trump Argument Flawed?

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Should the Girl Scouts of America have bowed to the leftist mob over an Amy Coney Barrett tweet? How much will Tony Bobulinski’s testimony affect the 2020 election? Did John Piper miss the mark with his recent anti-Trump article? Will the Republican Party shift its approach if President Trump loses?

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In this episode:

  • 0:40 — Should companies bow to the leftist mob like the Girl Scouts of America did?
  • 12:59 — Will Tony Bobulinski’s testimony affect the 2020 election?
  • 23:23 — How should Christians approach voting?
  • 39:24 — What happens if Donald Trump loses?
  • 46:47 — Spooky Stories from the Biden Campaign

Quotes from this episode:

“The tragedy of cancel culture is that nobody’s actually mad about this stuff. It’s just all fake outrage.” — Joe Setyon 

“The shame thing only works if you’re willing to admit to being shamed. If you’re willing to act like you’re shamed. That’s one of the things I think that the media despises about Trump — is there’s zero chance of his coming out and making a mea culpa.” — Josh Manning 

“The left doesn’t positively stand for things as a general rule. They go negative with it.” — George Upper 

“We don’t know what Joe Biden’s version of the story is because nobody in America’s vast media landscape has pressed him.” — George Upper 

“I don’t think there’s just an opportunity for the church to speak into the political realm. I think it’s absolutely required for the church. The mandate of the church was never intended to be a suicide pact. The church should fight for the rights of its organizations.” — George Upper 

“It seems to me if the church, if members of the church, saw a homeless man being beaten to a pulp, they would have an obligation to try to stop them — I would think so. It’s not clear to me why that is particularly virtuous yet trying to stop that on a large-scale level is somehow not virtuous.” — Josh Manning 

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“[Piper] is clearly creating a hierarchy here where the things the ‘Orange Man’ does are worse than the things that that the left does. That’s an enormous, enormous problem.” — Josh Manning 

“I’m not that scared of Biden’s policies. If we can regain control, we can reverse some of those. I’m worried about never regaining control again.” — Josh Manning 

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