WNBA Player Under Fire, Leaves Fans Infuriated After She Mocked Caitlin Clark


Many in the media and the WNBA seem to have had a hard time reconciling themselves to Caitlin Clark’s meteoric rise to basketball fame.

Some commentators have attributed Clark’s popularity not to her skill but to being white and “pretty,” lamenting that black and “queer” players have failed to achieve the same popularity.

Meanwhile, on the court, the Indiana Fever rookie has been the victim of bitter body checks and seemingly deliberate slights from opponents.

Another example of Clark receiving the brunt of another player’s wrath seemed to come during Monday night’s game between the Connecticut Sun and the Indiana Fever.

The Sun’s DiJonai Carrington decided to mock Clark after bumping into her, throwing her head back as if to suggest Clark was faking her reaction to the contact.

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Even though Clark played for the opposing team, the gesture didn’t go over well with fans at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

According to Fox News, the crowd booed in response to what they saw as Carrington’s mean-spirited mockery.

She didn’t see it that way, however.

“Why yall so mad at me & bein mean!?” Carrington posted on social media. “I jus be hoopin & havin fun mannn.”

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On Thursday, she took a different approach, attacking her critics in another X post.

“How one can not be bothered by their name being used to justify racism, bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia & the intersectionalities of them all is nuts,” Carrington said.

Whatever the case, this exchange highlighted how Clark has become the target of resentment and envy from other players in the league.

Is Caitlin Clark getting targeted?

USA Basketball recently announced that the former Iowa star was being left off the Olympic team for reasons that most fans did not find particularly compelling.

On June 1, Clark was violently checked and knocked to the floor by the Chicago Sun’s Chennedy Carter, who also, it seemed, called Clark a “b****.”

While Carrington’s immature display was pretty mild in comparison, the crowd sent a clear message that night: Leave Caitlin Clark alone.

Countless people have been drawn to the WNBA this year because of the rookie phenom.

The incident with Carrington may have been nothing serious, but the mockery and bullying of Clark are rubbing many of the league’s new fans the wrong way.

Those involved might want to think about the impact their catty, mean-girl tactics are having on the suddenly relevant WNBA.

Seeing how few fans the league had before Clark, it certainly seems like a foolish career move to drive away the new ones.

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