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Woman Gets Her Hair Cut for First Time in 45 Years Thanks to Ambush Makeover

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While fashion and style aren’t necessary in life and many minimalists eschew them as frivolous, they can certainly make or break a person.

When you meet someone, you learn a bit about them just by the way they present themselves and the way they dress. There’s nothing wrong with a no-frills approach to hair and makeup, but many people in a dull place don’t necessarily want to be there.

This is especially true of people who are so busy giving of themselves and serving others that they have no time left over for themselves — and those selfless individuals are generally the ones who get nominated for shows like Today’s Ambush Makeover.

Cindy Springer has put herself on the back burner for years. Focusing on work and her family, she hasn’t had time to really treat herself.

When she was younger, she had surgery for her scoliosis, which left her with a scar, and she grew out her hair to cover it.

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But 45 years passed and she never cut her hair. She looks like a sweet, kind-hearted woman, but once the makeover team was done with her she was sweet and stylish.

It was Cindy’s own sister, Kim Orlemann, who put her and Cindy’s son Aaron forward as candidates. They were surprised by an NBC host who met them at home.

“Cindy has been the stronghold for our family for a long time,” Kim said. “I just feel like she needs a fresh start.”

“She’s always taking care of people, she helped me through college,” Aaron added.

Cindy said she was shocked to find out she’d be getting a makeover — but it didn’t end there: Her son, Aaron, who seems to have followed in the long locks footsteps of his mother, would also be getting a makeover as well.

When asked what they hoped to get out of the experience, Aaron said it would be nice to go “more professional.” Cindy admitted that the haircut had been a long time coming.

“I felt like I probably needed to get my hair cut, but I would like to have something a little different,” Cindy said.

And boy, did they both get something different. Aaron was first up, sporting a much more tailored suit and a clean-cut look without the scruff and long hair.

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But it was Cindy who shocked even more after breaking her 45-year streak. Wearing a flowy blue top, black trousers and leopard print pumps, the wife and mother practically glowed.

She was shocked at her own reflection, saying “I don’t look like me, do I?!” But perhaps she just looked more like herself.

“Who is that?” her husband asked, smiling. But when they asked how he liked it, he smiled and said “looks great.”

Whether or not Cindy keeps the styling is entirely up to her and how much she likes it, but thanks to the Ambush Makeover team, she now knows she can rock a more sophisticated look if and when she wants to.

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