Woman Given Months To Live but Beats Cancer After Simple Change to Diet


One Wisconsin mom is sharing how she changed the fate doctors gave her. In 2005, Kathy Mydlach-Bero, then 41, was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.

Doctors told her that she had 21 months to live.

The mother of two underwent extensive treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Despite the various treatments, however, the cancer spread.

Only eleven months after her initial diagnosis, doctors found a high-grade tumor in her head and neck. She continued treatment, but the medicine was beginning to affect healthy parts of her body as well.

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“My kidneys were failing; my liver was failing. My lungs were damaged. My heart was damaged,” she recalled.

Mydlach-Bero became frustrated and began researching alternative, more natural methods of treatment.

She said, “I told my oncologist that I’m done with that protocol because one way or another, I’m going to die. And I don’t want to go that way.”

She decided to stop chemotherapy and try something suggested by a friend, a diet featuring anti-angiogenic foods.

Anti-angiogenic foods block the creation of blood vessels which, theoretically, slow down the spread of cancer.

Some of these foods include leeks, garlic, blueberries, and walnuts.

As she began changing her diet, the cancer stopped spreading. “My doctors just kept saying, ‘Huh. That is interesting,'” she said.

Now, 13 years after her initial diagnosis, Mydlach-Bero is cancer free and sharing the diet that worked for her with others. She coaches others battling cancer to eat from a list of foods she believes to have cancer-fighting properties.

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“She’s teaching me food is the best form of medicine,” said Paul Baugh, one of her clients who is battling brain cancer.

Harvard University is even researching the method to see if it could help others. She said that the ongoing study makes her feel validated and that she no longer feels like the “crazy cancer patient.”

Researchers will study those who have seen incredible results from more natural cancer treatment options.

“They’re looking at our genetics and the genetics of the tumor. What the outliers did; their attitude, environment, faith, social support,” she said. “What they’re trying to do is create a database of all these different things and look for the commonalities between these people.”

There’s no doubt that a healthy diet can affect your body’s overall health, but for Mydlach-Bero these specific foods helped her fight off cancer. What an absolutely incredible story!

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