Woman Held at Gunpoint by Thugs Who Demanded Keys. She Was Saved by Hot Chocolate


It’s something we all do with hardly a thought. We exit a place of business and head for our vehicle, focused only on finding and entering our car.

Sadly, parking lots can be a prime place for criminals to target victims. In the case of one Prince George County, Virginia, woman and her daughter, that fact became a frightening reality.

According to an incident report posted by the Prince William County Police Department on Jan. 15, 2018, on Jan. 13 the two women were victims of an attempted carjacking at a local 7-Eleven.

The mother, a 50-year-old woman, had gotten to her vehicle after making purchases inside the store when two men approached her. One of the men “brandished a handgun and demanded her vehicle.”

Although police don’t encourage victims to fight back against attackers who have weapons, the woman in question did exactly that. She walloped the armed man with her purse.

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Around this time, her 22-year-old daughter left the 7-Eleven and gave aid to her mother, throwing her steaming hot chocolate toward the men.

The men took off running after the assault with the hot beverage.

Perhaps realizing the women weren’t the easy target they hoped for, the men fled on foot, with nothing to show for their trouble.

Police were called and responded to the scene, but the suspects were nowhere to be found.

They did get descriptions and called in backup to help track down the men.

A police K9 unit was enlisted to search for the men, but they were not found. They are described as black males of an unknown age and approximately 5’10” in height with thin builds.

The armed man was wearing a black winter coat that had a hood trimmed with fur. His accomplice was wearing dark clothes with red gloves.

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Despite the attempted carjacking, both women are reported to be without injury. According to KDFW, the only property loss the women suffered was the hot chocolate used to fend off the carjackers.

A K-9 was later used to try and track the men, but the search turned up empty-handed.

Police are still seeking the men and any information anyone may have regarding their identities and whereabouts.

The response on social media to the story has largely been to cheer the bravery of the women in scaring off their attackers with a purse and cup of hot chocolate.

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