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Woman Records Video as She Rushes To Free Black Racer Snake Trapped in Beer Can


A puppy in a predicament or a cat risking one its nine lives will have plenty of people leaping to help — and that’s a lovely, commendable thing. But once the critters in need have feathers instead of fur, or scales instead of feathers, the would-be rescuers begin to thin out.

While some may prefer the furred to the reptilian, plenty of animal lovers will still pull out all the stops, even when it’s to help a critter they wouldn’t otherwise get up close and personal with.

Rosa Fond of Florida was in Brooksville recently. Fond is an animal lover, as proven by the rescue she’s started called Humans & Animals United.

The rescue’s goal is to “be inspired by animals in a unique and special way with a desire to love and protect,” and according to their Facebook page is a “non-profit, no kill, volunteer dog rescue organization based in central Florida serving all United States … dedicated to rescuing dogs left homeless for whatever reason.”

As Fond was headed home one day, she noticed a snake in a rather tricky position. It had found its way into an empty Bud Light can.

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Whether it was looking for shelter or a drink, all it found was a dead end. It became stuck, and if Fond hadn’t seen it while driving by, it probably would have died there.

But, thankfully, she did see it, and filmed herself rescuing the black racer snake. While it’s clear from the footage that she didn’t relish the contact, she was happy to break it out of its prison.

“Ok.. this was the one rescue that I was never EVER expecting!!” she posted on March 28. “I even had 2 little helpers by me? This snake got herself stuck inside a beer can! How on earth did I get the courage to do this I have no IDEA! She even wrapped herself on my arm twice!”

“(I)t was a battle but I saved her. All for the sake of the animals.. She was enjoying her Bud light ??Enjoy the show as it very entertaining ???????? I’m still freaking out and can’t belief that I touched her!! Rescuing at its finest!”

“P.S I did take the can away a bit after but didn’t video it. I kinda had to wait a bit for the snake to calm down???”

If it had been any other person, they probably would have left the snake to fend for itself or would have ended it then and there.

“[I] saw she was alive and started to panic but I knew I had to save her,” she said during an interview with FOX 13. “Anyone else would have probably killed her… I couldn’t let her be hurt.”

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Viewers have been impressed with her kindness and willingness to help even the lowliest of creatures, and her story and rescue have gotten quite a bit of press as a result.

“Omg!! It went viral!!” she posted on March 30. “This is so great! ABC NEWS Channel 25 in West Palm Beach! Ari Hait I’m loving this! Budweiser should pick this up.. just saying!”

“Our Animal rescue made it to the news for an act of kindness to a snake,” she wrote. “I would have never thought it! ? ❤?Humans and Animals United ❤? a rescue that started purely to save any animal in need.”

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