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Woman Saves Life of Ex, Father of Their Six Children, by Giving Him Kidney


Peter Traynor of County Tyrone, Ireland, recently found out that his ex-wife was going to give him a 44th birthday present. They’ve been apart for three years, and Traynor was concerned about the “gift.”

“I’m a bit anxious, nervous and worried but I suppose that’s normal,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

His nerves are understandable when you realize that what Sharon Traynor was giving him was one of her kidneys. Peter has been suffering from kidney issues since 2011, and they have steadily gotten worse.

He was just months away from zero function in his kidneys and a lifetime of dialysis when Sharon made the generous offer. She wasn’t just giving him an organ, she was giving him the chance to live again.

The former couple has six children together, ranging in age from 8 to 23. Sharon said she wanted to donate a kidney because she believes people should help one another, but also because she wants Peter to be there for their kids.

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“They’re really proud of me stepping forward and helping their daddy out,” Sharon said of their children.

“It will give him another lease of life and they’ll be able to hold on to their daddy and he’ll be able to hold on to them.”

“I’m not here for the starlight,” she protested. “When Peter first took ill a few years ago I was devastated and I wanted to help out in any way I could so I immediately put my name on the organ donor list. But then thankfully his condition stabilized.”

“Suddenly he got the news that his kidney had deteriorated so much that he needed a donor or he would need dialysis. I volunteered, did all the tests and came back as a match and here we are.”

“Everybody has two kidneys and they only need one,” she admitted. “Even though we’ve split up, that doesn’t matter to me.”

“Everybody deserves a second chance in life, there’s enough suffering in the world and enough people dying from illnesses with no cures.”

“I have watched him go downhill health-wise and get really sick and it made me very sad to watch someone suffer like that.”

Her act of kindness has shocked many, who admit they don’t think their exes would do the same for them. And it’s true: There are many separated couples that wouldn’t make such a sacrificial offer after going through separation or divorce.

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“There have been different views on it and I think some people are in shock about my decision but it doesn’t bother me,” she claimed. “I suppose it is kind of funny for an ex-wife to give the gift of life to her ex-husband.”

Peter is obviously grateful for his ex-wife’s gift, even though she cheekily warned him it’s the only one he’ll be getting from her. His birthday is on Monday, and by then the two should be out of surgery and on their separate ways.

“Sharon is a lifesaver,” he said. “She knows I’m so thankful to her. At the end of the day she is saving my life and you can’t do much more for anybody than that.”

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