Woman Sees Set of Teeth Staring at Her Through Flames, Has to Act Fast


In early December, a raging creek fire sparked pandemonium for local residents of Sylmar, California.

The series of wildfires had blazed through 15,619 acres of land, destroying 60 homes and 63 buildings, according to KTTV-TV.

Some of the buildings threatened by the natural disaster were home to farm animals. They were in just as much danger during the life-threatening ordeal.

One reporter who just so happened to be onsite that Tuesday, Dec. 5, was Gina Silva of WTVT-TV. She witnessed first-hand how serious the forest fires were even for the animals.

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During a live coverage, Silva spotted a set of teeth staring at her through the flames.

She soon realized it was a horse who had fallen and became stuck in between two narrow walls of a nearby structure.

Feeling hopeless for the animal, Silva took to Twitter to find some help. She knew she had to act fast to save the panicked horse, later identified as Kenny.

In addition to her live report, her tweet garnered local attention from viewers who wanted to help the poor stallion. Soon, help was on the way for Kenny.

A veterinarian came on the scene to tranquilize the horse before moving him.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department was then able to break down the wall and rescue Kenny from the tiny space.

Rescuers later transported him to an animal hospital where he made a speedy recovery. WTVT-TV said the 23-year-old horse was up and eating again as normal.

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Since Silva’s brave discovery, social media fans have applauded her actions.

“God puts us in places for a reason! God bless all of you!” a fan wrote on a Facebook repost by SoShareThis.

“Kudos Gina. You saved a horse’s life. Therefore, you are a hero,” another Facebooker stated.

Silva definitely went above and beyond the job of a news reporter that day.

Not only did she keep her audience informed, but she also helped to save a life in the process, and that’s something that will forever be seen as heroic.

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