Woman Sends Out PSA to All Parents: Don't Let the 'Dandelion Horn' Die!


As kids, we all had older people who showed us tricks of the trade that made our childhood what it was.

Whether it was showing us how to make Jacob’s Ladder out of yarn or build a fort in the woods, adults we knew passed down information that we grew to know and love.

And many of us often reminisce upon on those days while we sit in our office cubicles after 5 days of not seeing sunlight and contemplate why we ever wanted to grow up.

With technology taking over the world, more and more kids don’t just go “play outside” when their mother’s tell them too.

They worry about wifi passwords and how much battery life their iPads have before they are cut off from the online world.

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But for those of us who grew up without the influence of technology, there are small treasures of childhood we still cherish.

Many of us have heard of using a blade of grass as a whistle.

You search for the perfect one and after plucking it from the ground, you tighten it in between your thumb and palm and blow.

But did you know there is another whistle from nature out there?

Have you ever used a dandelion horn?

It’s also made of a plant, but one that is most often seen as a pesky weed.

That’s right, you can make a whistle out of a dandelion!

Those pesky yellow weeds that grow back so quickly and spread to every nook and cranny could have been entertaining your children for hours and you had no idea until today.

If you pull the stem away from the flower top, the hollow straw-like stem can be used as a trumpet!

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It makes a noise that sounds very similar to that of a blade of grass, but it is much easier for smaller children to use and a great party trick!

One woman created a video to show everyone how it is done, and she does not want the dandelion horn to die out!

“You can really get a great sound!” she said.

Check out the video for yourself!

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