Woman Severely Burned in Fire Attack Defies Odds with Pregnancy


Limitations are difficult to grapple with. And more often then not, these limitations end up defining our choices.

For instance, we say no to physically strenuous activities because we believe that we’re not capable of them.

We also may refuse to look at pictures of ourselves because we don’t have the body or the face that we want.

But what if our limitations can be overcome by mindset? What if our limitations only exist in the mind, because we haven’t put them to the test?

Turia Pitt, of western Australia, has dedicated her life to helping others overcome their mindset based limitations as a coach.

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At the age of 23, Pitt had been a model in college, and after graduating she was set to begin a promising career as a mining engineer. She was also in a committed relationship with her boyfriend Michael Hoskin.

But her life’s trajectory completely changed by a tragic accident in 2011 that left her hospitalized for six months.

Pitt was trapped in a grass fire with six other people during an ultra marathon. A helicopter pilot risked his life to rescue her and the other victims, but not before over 65% of her body was burned.

Doctors weren’t sure she would survive. But despite everything, Hoskin knew he wanted to spend his life with Pitt, no matter what. He bought a ring and proposed to her while she was in intensive care.

Pitt survived, despite doctor’s grim expectations. Hoskin soon quit his job as a police officer to become her full-time caregiver as she endured over 200 surgeries and lost her fingers and thumb on her right hand.

For the first two years of her recovery, she lived her life in a compression mask, hiding her face from the world. But it was Hoskin’s patient love that helped Pitt recover her self confidence.

Pitt commented to a magazine, “When I look in the mirror, I see the beautiful girl Michael sees because like Michael, I know beauty comes from within and what really matters is who we are, not what we look like.” What a strong testament to the obstacles and limitations love can overcome.

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Recently, Pitt has continued to defy the odds with her pregnancy. She and Michael had dreamed of starting a family one day, and they weren’t going to let others’ grim expectations stop them from living.

On December 7, 2017, the Hoskin family welcomed a baby boy into their life. His name is Hakavai, and he loves hanging out at the beach with his mom and dad.

In a recent interview Pitt said, “The fire has taught me that mindset is everything in this life. And I think that’s so important.” The Hoskin family, full of love and beauty, is completely unstoppable.

Pitt has used her incredibly painful and dramatic transformation to bring positive change in her community, one person at a time.

We can’t wait to watch baby Hoskin grow up and become just as brave and fearless as his beautiful mother and father.

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A proud reference librarian at San Diego Law Library, Havilah is a recent graduate from iSchool at San Jose State University with her master's in library and information science.
A proud reference librarian at San Diego Law Library, Havilah is a recent graduate from iSchool at San Jose State University with her master's in library and information science. She is passionate about writing and education, and most recently created content for the iStudent blog at SJSU. She is also on the board at SANDALL, a chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries, currently serving as secretary.