Woman Tips $10 at Restaurant, Finds Extra Money Taken Out Bank Account Next Day


Whitney Anderson and her family went out for dinner together at Abuelo’s Mexican restaurant.

When handed the $45.50 check, the mother-of-three made what she believed to be a more than generous tip of $10 — an almost 25% tip on her bill.

But when Anderson saw her bank transactions the following day, she noticed that her total from the restaurant was more than she’d agreed to pay.

“It was $45.50 and I tipped $10 even, made it $55.50,” she said. But instead of the $55.50 total after tip, her bank statement said she’d paid $65.50.

She quickly went back to the restaurant and confronted management about the issue.

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But they seemed uninterested in fully addressing the borderline fraud that one of their employees had committed. When they handed her the receipt, she received a customer copy instead of the merchant copy she’d signed.

“I was like before you give me that, is that the merchant copy or customer copy,” she asked. “He looked at it, opened it and was like, ‘It’s the customer copy’.”

With that, Anderson knew that her waitress had thrown away the merchant copy and filled out a customer copy with a fraudulent signature and tip.

The restaurant simply offered to refund her for the half of the tip that the waitress added. But they noted that it would take up to 10 days.

“It was almost a 25% tip and then they go behind you and fraudulently sign a name to a credit card receipt,” she said. “I don’t feel that’s any different than someone taking your debit card.”

Management’s lack of interest in her issue led Anderson to post her story on Facebook. Soon, the media caught wind of it and did a story on it.

And as soon as the media published the story, the restaurant called her back — much sooner than she expected.

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This time, management offered to pay for her entire bill for her “bad experience.” Anderson went in the following day for her cash refund.

During the process, Anderson learned that the waitress who scammed her had also been fired from previous jobs for the same offense.

“I’m so angry that a server did this and who knows how many times she’s done this and stole money from customers!” she wrote on Facebook.

But while she was upset that this happened to her, Anderson was happy to be able to share her story and prevent it from happening to others.

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