XFL takes direct shot at NFL by making 3 bold promises


When Vince McMahon first showed off the revived XFL in late January, one of the points he absolutely stressed was that the upstart league was meant for the fans.

Not only would the league be free of any political agendas, but he wanted the game itself to be as fan-friendly as possible.

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“The new XFL will be fan-centric, with all the things you like to see and less of the things you don’t,” McMahon said.

“We’re going to give football back to the fans,” he said in the inaugural announcement.

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Now the XFL is taking it up a notch with a marketing campaign aimed directly at the NFL’s biggest flaws.

The first it targeted: “What is a catch?”

“In the XFL, a catch is a catch,” the tweet read.

Are you looking forward to the XFL?

The video was a brilliant jab at the one of the NFL’s biggest topics of the past few years, but the tweet offers little explanation how the XFL will fix the issue.

The revived league then targeted the NFL’s many penalties, offering “simpler rules.”

“There are multiple fouls on the play. Improper use of grammar, No. 55. Speeding, going 57 in a 35, No. 72. Passing the buck, No. 25. And tearing the label off the mattress, No. 86,” the animated official says in the video.

Again, it’s unclear just how the XFL will simplify the rules.

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The last jab came to the NFL’s overuse of “official timeouts” for commercials.

“Let’s pause right here for this official timeout,” the video says.

The Elias Sports Bureau found that the average time of an NFL game in 2016 was 3:08 minutes.

The NFL tried to address that issue in 2017, reducing the number of commercial breaks but making them longer so that the same number of ads are able to run. But most fans would probably say more needs to be done.

The XFL doesn’t start play until 2020, but its marketing team has already trumped the NFL’s.

It will be interesting to see how the XFL combats these problems.

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