2020 is shaping up to be the most consequential year in modern history.

2019 has been a very challenging year for The Western Journal, as Big Tech has actively worked to limit our voice. Google manipulates search results against conservatives, Twitter silences conservative commentary and even Facebook (while the best of the Big Tech Tyrants) has stopped people who followed our Facebook pages from reading our award-winning conservative news and commentary.

Our answer to algorithm manipulation has been to build up our email subscription customers, and I am happy to report as we end 2019 over one million people a day subscribe and read The Western Journal through email. Every month, 30 million people read stories and conservative commentary on The Western Journal.

Thank you for being one of our email subscribers and thank you for caring about America.

The Western Journal has broken some major stories in 2019. The biggest of these was our exclusive report on the DNA test results confirming that Hunter Biden’s love affair with a Little Rock stripper resulted in the birth of a child. A child the Biden family continues to deny and provide with adequate support.

We also have provided wall-to-wall coverage of the Mueller/Russia hoax. We have covered the outstanding work by the GOP members of Congress to expose the spying on Carter Page and President Trump’s campaign and transition team.

We have covered President Trump’s success in rebuilding our economy, we have covered his success at the border in slowing illegal immigration, we have been there every step of the way as the unhinged Nancy Pelosi fought to impeach President Trump.

I know you depend on our reporting and our conservative commentary to know what is happening. We consider it an honor that you trust our voice.

As the year ends, we are making plans for our coverage of the elections in 2020 and I would respectfully request you consider making a year-end gift to our election coverage team. Election coverage is expensive. We must send reporters traveling around the country. We must spend hundreds of hours investigating and researching these candidates.

We are also launching a polling program to counter the bias in the polls reported on in the old-line corrupt media.

Finally, we have a special initiative to report on instances of voter fraud and election tampering by local government officials.

If everyone reading this email sent a special gift of $25, we would fully fund our election coverage budget. But sadly, not everyone can or is willing to pay for the coverage needed in 2020.

This requires those of you who care to dig a little deeper and help a little more.

I can without hesitation tell you the dedicated team which write and edit The Western Journal every day will leave no stone unturned to bring you the stories you want to read.

I have also arranged to send everyone who can give $50 here at year end a special commemorative Western Journal hat that makes you a part of the team. This fabulous ball cap is exactly like the cap worn by our staff of reporters.

Thank you for your consideration of our plea. Quality news is expensive to produce. Here at The Western Journal, we can’t rely on the deep pockets of a billionaire to fund our reporting the way The Washington Post, Bloomberg News and Time magazine can.

Instead we turn to your commitment to our beloved America and your desire to read truth every day in the pages of our website.

Thank you so much for you gift. Any amount will help us do our job better for you and the 30 million Americans that rely on us for truthful reporting every month.

God Bless you and your families in the New Year.

Warmest regards,

Floyd Brown
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