Silver Linings: YAF President Scott Walker Reveals Overlooked 'Good News' from the 2020 Election

'I'm obviously biased, but I think the real action, as our Founders intended, happens in the states,' YAF president Scott Walker argued.
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Young Not Stupid: Scott Walker Launches Plan to Finally Take Back Academia as New Leader of YAF

Walker and his team recently crafted 'The Long Game' - an action plan intended to expand the foundation's operations on campuses nationwide.
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'The Long Game': With Walker at the Helm, YAF Rolls Out Massive Public Outreach Campaign

'I realized what we're doing is not enough, not because we're not well-intentioned but because the left is so overwhelming us,' Walker said.
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Huckabee Shares with Herman Cain's Daughter What Her Father Really Meant to the World

'A great, great man and the world is better because Herman Cain walked on this planet and spread his love and his joy,' Huckabee said.
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Mike Pence Asked Future Wife Karen To Not Make Him First in Her Life, God Deserves That Spot

Mike Pence, knowing his own human frailties, asked his future wife Karen to make God number one in her life instead of him.
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The Heartbreaking Realities Caused by Teenage Addiction to Social Media

After considering the affects tech companies have had on adolescents' mental health and privacy the biggest question is 'What is the solution?'
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