Uvalde Teacher Texts Husband 'Help' During Shooting; He Interrupts His Haircut to Request 1 Weapon from the Barber

'I’m looking for my daughter, but I also know what wing she’s in, so I start clearing all the classes in her wing,' Jacob Albarado said.
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Teen Who Knew Shooter Drops Bomb: 'I Don't See This Covered and I'm Going to Put This Out There"

The school system and his own family failed Ramos, who should have been red-flagged over his terrifying, anti-social behavior.
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Unseen Hero: As Cops Let Shooter Terrorize School, 1 Mom Sneaked in, Rescued Her Kids, Got Out Without Shooter Knowing

'They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere,' the mother said of police.
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