Age 10 Boy Refuses To Hit Back After Bully Leaves Him Bloodied: 'It's Not the Jedi Way'


As we grow up, we go through phases. Our worlds are rocked by a series of interests that generally tend to spring from movies, games or books.

Most of those obsessions are nothing but passing fads, and will be dropped for the next hot topic, item or interest. But there is one brand of fandom that has endured through generations: Star Wars.

No matter what age you are, if you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy, there’s something about Star Wars that just sucks you in. It’s timeless and kids and adults alike make up the fan base.

Fans of the series will often drop a line here or there, dress like a character for Halloween, or spend a significant amount of their TV time watching and rewatching the classics. But for 10-year-old Aiden Vasquez, Star Wars is a way of life.

On Monday, Aiden had a sense that the day was not going to go well. He told KMIR, “When the day started I said to myself, ‘I have a bad feeling about today.'”

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Unfortunately, he was proven right when later that day another student began picking on him, called him names, took his backpack, and eventually punched Aiden in the face.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened, either. Last year, Aiden was attacked and his cheek was cut open by a wall.

“I HATE TWO BUNCH PALMS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN DESERT HOT SPRINGS!” his mother, Lizette Casanova, posted on Facebook. “This is the THIRD YEAR MY SON IS BULLIED!!”

Do you think this school needs to take action immediately against the bully?

“Yes he is different he’s smarter and sweeter then most boys his age BUT REALLY!?! Now we’re making hospital visits and I’m PRESSING CHARGES!! Last year he had to get stitches on his face from getting ‘pushed,’ losing his breath on the playground for getting thrown down! IM DONE POLICE INVOLVED NOW CALLING OUT PSUSD WHAT ARE THEY DOING ABOUY BULLYING!!!!!”

Casanova knows her son is not violent, but she still wanted to know why Aiden didn’t fight back. Aiden’s response was startlingly simple.

“I told my mom, I got it from Star Wars, that it’s not the Jedi way,” the boy said.

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The boy wasn’t blinded by rage or revenge. His mother revealed in a post later that he “hopes the kids just learn their lesson and go on with their lives.”

While some have chided Aiden for not standing up to the bullies, for the most part, people have been impressed with the 5th grader’s tact and poise.

Because of all the attention Aiden has received, news of the situation got back to Mark Hamill — best known for his role as Luke Skywalker — who was impressed enough to praise the boy on Twitter.

Apparently, the bully’s punishment was suspension for three days. Knowing most kids, though, not going to school for three days was probably a treat.

Kudos to Aiden for following a peaceful path, and hopefully the school will take these concerns seriously and address the problem quickly.

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