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Burger King Ad Under Fire for 'Cultural Insensitivity'

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Burger King has deleted a video depicting two diners trying to eat a Vietnamese-inspired sandwich with chopsticks after it drew fire from critics who said the ad displayed cultural insensitivity.

The video clip was posted on the New Zealand Burger King account and showed two Caucasian diners awkwardly trying to eat the new Vietnamese Sweet Chilli Tendercrisp burger with gigantic red chopsticks, according to The Washington Post.

The clip was captioned, “Take your taste buds all the way to Ho Chi Minh City.”

Burger King has apologized for the clip and removed it, according to The Washington Post. However, social media users have criticized the video for cultural insensitivity.

“We are truly sorry that the ad has appeared insensitive to our community,” said James Woodbridge, Burger King’s general manager for marketing, according to

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“We have removed and it certainly does not reflect our brand values around diversity and inclusion.”

One user, New Zealander Maria Mo, said in a now-viral tweet, “So this is the new Burger King ad for a “Vietnamese” burger ok coolcoolcoolcoolcool CHOPSTICKS R HILARIOUS right omg etc,” following up with the tweets, “This is how Asians eeeeeeeat” and “Orientalism is harmless funnnn”

But not everyone agreed.

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She also added tweets detailing how she thought Burger King‘s ad displayed not only cultural insensitivity but also racism.

Do you think Burger King owed an apology for this ad?

She tried to draw a connection between Burger King‘s ad and the March 15 New Zealand mosque shootings.

“I’m so sick of racism. Of any kind,” she wrote.

“Of the kind that makes fun of different cultures, to the kind that shoots and murders those peacefully praying in their place of worship. Say no to every single manifestation of it. .”

Tech Crunch’s Asia reporter Catherine Shu also tweeted, “LOL chopsticks amirite?????? Who the hell came up with this? There are a lot of Asian people in NZ, though they probably aren’t getting their Vietnamese food from Burger King.”

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