3-Year-Old with Cancer Tells Mother Not to Cry When Parents Can't Pay for Treatment


If you find out your child has cancer, what do you do?

When the amount of money it will take to even give your beloved child a fighting chance is far more than you can pay, how do you respond?

You reach out for help. You do anything it takes to get your son or daughter the treatment they so desperately need.

You contact family, friends, distant relatives and absolute strangers, and you ask them for help. This is beyond your ability, but with assistance your child can get the care they need.

One family in east China hit a setback when they spent all their money on their son’s treatments. They had already asked everyone they knew for help, but no one could spare anything more.

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Desperate for help, Li Hebiao and his wife Qu Lifang had already drained all their personal resources. The family was made up of farmers, and they had traveled to the city when they found out that their toddler, Li Junyang, had cancer.

When their son was only 2 and a half years old, the doting parents discovered that he was suffering from neuroblastoma and would need immediate intervention if he were to pull through.

So they moved to Shanghai, rented a room, and spent over $28,000 getting his treatments underway. But when the money stopped, so did the toddler’s care.

The family returned to the room they’d rented, and that’s where the heartbreaking scene occurred.

The hospital had told them that they needed over $65,000 more to complete the boy’s treatments, but the family simply had nothing left to spend.

Qu Lifang cried as she rocked her sick son, saying that the payments had driven a wedge between her and her husband, and that they were at their wits end.

Both parents had quit their jobs to take care of their ailing son, which meant that they weren’t even earning anything they could put toward his treatment in the future.

“We really don’t have other ways,” she sobbed. “My husband and I argue every day because of money.”

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As she cried, her son reached up to wipe away her tears. “Mum, don’t cry,” he said, comforting the woman who was trying to save his life.

Dahe charity, the organization that reached out to help the distraught parents, has made sure that the boy will finish out his course with the crowdfunding campaign they started.

“When a child has a serious illness,” said the founder of the charity, according to the Daily Mail, “both parents would have to quit their jobs. That’s the reality of China.”

Their story touched many viewers who generously donated the rest of the required fees. The little boy’s treatments resumed August 3rd at Xinghua hospital.

He had been receiving chemotherapy, but the doctors believe the cancer may have spread to his bones,and that he will need a transplant as well.

But for now, doctors are doing the most that they can for him, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

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