Diamond and Silk on Media Attacks Against Trump: 'They Smear Him Because They Fear Him'


Trump-supporting social media stars Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson say the media possesses a voracious appetite to attack President Donald Trump because they fear how effective he is.

Hardaway told The Western Journal at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside of Washington late last week, “People love the fact that this president is bringing back economic opportunity.”

“When you have unemployment at an all-time low, when you have home ownership at an all-time high,” she continued, “when you have people able to go out here and pull their own selves up by their bootstraps, they love that.”

Hardaway went on to argue that voters, including her fellow African-Americans, are seeing Trump differently now, beyond how he is portrayed in the media.

“They are leaving the Democrat Party in droves,” she said. “Why do you think the left-wing media is trying to embarrass our president and smear him? They smear him because they fear him.”

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A study by the Media Research Center conducted last summer found 92 percent of the coverage of Trump by the three major broadcast networks’ evening news programs — ABC, CBS, NBC — was negative.

Shaun Hair, executive editor of The Western Journal, asked the duo what they thought of the controversy surrounding Virginia first lady Pam Northam, wife of Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, handing out raw cotton to African-American middle school students during a recent tour of the governor’s mansion.

Northam asked the kids, who are serving as Senate pages, to imagine what it would have been like picking the crop as a slave, The New York Times reported.

Leah Dozier Walker, the mother of one of the pages, wrote in a letter to Virginia lawmakers and the governor’s office, “I cannot for the life of me understand why the first lady would single out the African-American pages for this — or — why she would ask them such an insensitive question.”

Do you think Diamond and Silk are right that the media fears Trump?

Northam later apologized in a statement, saying she had handed the cotton to the students closest to her and meant for them to pass it around. Further, the first lady recounted that she has passed out raw cotton in the same fashion to white visitors.

Hardaway said the gesture was inappropriate.

“They’ve never picked cotton before,” she said. “Their ancestors probably picked cotton…Why are you making them re-live something they’ve never lived through?”

“She basically showed who the Democrat Party is,” Richardson added. “They are the party of slavery, of segregation, of the Ku Klux Klan, of the days of picking cotton. They are the party of that, and she just showed her true hand.”

During Diamond and Silk’s address to CPAC on Thursday, Hardaway argued that Democrats would put African Americans and others into slavery, if their socialist plans are adopted.

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“I know they’re trying to push socialism, but socialism promotes poverty, and it will drive will drive us back to the days of slavery,” Hardaway said.

“You have to understand what the Democrat Party is trying to intimidate, manipulate in order to dominate, but it’s not going to work,” she added.

Richardson told The Western Journal both she and Hardaway were lifelong Democrats until Trump decided to run for office.

“When President Trump come along, a businessman that had the solutions to the problems that have been ailing this country,” she said, “we was like, ‘That’s the man for the job.’

“And that’s what you’ve got to continue to do: Push his agenda. Push his message for the betterment of America.”

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