'F*** The Troops!': Deranged Leftist Goes On Foul Rant at ICE Protest


Today, we bring you yet another episode of “Why President Donald Trump Will Win In 2020.”

Conservative activist Ashley St. Clair got more than she bargained for when she decided to show up at a Colorado Immigration and Customs Enforcement building — the same facility where protesters recently took down the American flag and replaced it with the Mexican flag.

According to The Blaze, when St. Clair arrived, she was greeted by a small gathering of far-left activists in the streets, with one woman spewing vile, profanity-laced tirades against ICE.

When St. Clair asked the woman exactly what she was protesting, she became completely unhinged, calling the conservative commentator a white supremacist numerous times.

“White supremacist! White supremacist! White supremacist!” the woman yelled at St. Clair, eventually taunting her: “I’m gonna get out of your face, or what?”

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The American flag was brought up by the crazed leftist, who said St. Clair is “more concerned with a f—ing piece of cloth than people who are locked in cages! Children! Right in front of you!”

When the conservative activist brought up United States troops, the woman screamed, “I don’t give a f—! I don’t give a f—!” While the leftist was fuming, she clapped her hands loudly in an attempt to drown out St. Clair’s rebuttal to her anti-military sentiments.

St. Clair tried to interject again: “That flag and the troops are the reason you’re able to–“

But that was as far as the conservative got, as the crazed protester lost her ever-loving mind. She yelled, “You’re a f—ing b—-! You’re a f—ing stupid-a–, privileged-a– b—-! Get the f— out of here now!”

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However, that wasn’t even the worst of the drama that unfolded, believe it or not.

For her final act of insanity, the woman verbally attacked the U.S. military while performing a crude pole-dancing routine on a street sign near the initial confrontation. She demanded that the recording of her rant and stripper moves be posted online for all to see.

“Go ahead and f—ing distribute it, b—–! … F— you! I hope this s— goes viral! F— the troops. Because all they do is f—ing kill people,” she concluded.

Take a look at the shocking encounter — and, please, make sure kids aren’t around.

Readers please be advised: The following video contains copious amounts of strong language.

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The more publicity these screaming banshees get, the better the chance that Trump will end up victorious in 2020.

The left has become its own worst nightmare. How can Democratic candidates claim to be more dignified or tolerant than Republicans when its supporters are drowning out conservative ideology with profanity and pole-dancing on street signs?

Not to mention the recent acts of violence against peaceful, innocent people who happened to be wearing apparel that’s in support of the current president. Or conservative journalists assaulted for doing their jobs.

Ultimately, if unhinged leftists hate the United States so much — in that they are willing to embarrass themselves in front of millions of people — why are they still here? Why haven’t they punched a one-way ticket to Canada or Mexico or the United Kingdom?

Well, sometimes the greatest antagonists are the largest benefactors of what American freedom has to offer.

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