Former ICE Director Explains Why CNN Doesn't Want Him on Its Network


Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Tom Homan has appeared regularly on Fox News since the government shutdown began, but said he has not been asked on CNN.

Homan told The Daily Caller that his last appearance on CNN in the spring was to discuss the zero-tolerance child separation policy.

“I don’t think that aligns with the stories they are trying to tell. You know, the president being a racist and anti-immigrant, and I give facts about what’s happening on the border that just don’t fall within their talking points because I think immigration enforcement should be colorblind,” Homan said.

“The whole time I was the ICE director, I was open to any network or any newspaper, or any reporter that wanted to talk to me. I gave a lot of interviews to people that weren’t friendly to me and they wrote bad stories, but I didn’t run away from it.”

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National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd has had a similar experience, saying the last time he was on CNN was two months ago.

“All I want to do is I want to get a truthful conversation out,” he told The Daily Caller. “I just want people to have all of the facts and then they can make their opinion based upon the facts and if their opinion is disagreeing with me, that’s perfectly fine. But disagree with me with all of the facts.”

Judd argued the reason for him not being invited on CNN is because what he has to say does not jibe with the storyline the network is trying to promote.

“Normally when we’re on CNN, we don’t fit that narrative and we’re able to express from a law enforcement standpoint what’s really happening on the border and because we don’t fit that narrative and because we’re going to challenge people to think differently I think that’s why you don’t see us on those networks,” the Border Patrol officer stated.

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Judd said that he has not been asked on MSNBC either, which he described as “very, very far left.”

In an appearance with President Donald Trump at the White House earlier this month, Judd said, “I’ve been a border patrol agent for 21 years. I can personally tell you from the work that I’ve done on the southwest border, that physical barriers, that walls actually work.”

He added, “Anywhere that you look where we have built walls, they have worked. They have been an absolute necessity for Border Patrol agents in securing the border.”

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San Diego news affiliate KUSI-TV had the same problem with CNN as Homan and Judd in relation to having one of their reporters appear on the network to discuss the border.

“A sign of the times in this debate on the shutdown,” anchor Anna Laurel said last week. “CNN asked if KUSI would provide a reporter to offer our local view of the debate, especially to learn if the wall works in San Diego.”

“KUSI offered our own Dan Plante, who’s reported many times that the wall is not an issue here,” anchor Sandra Maas said. “In fact, most officials believe that it is effective. The issue we face is the migrants and the debate over their treatment.”

Laurel then recounted, “Now, knowing this, CNN declined to have us on their programs, which often present the wall as not required in other places like the stretch of the Texas border that the president visited earlier today. They didn’t like what they heard from us.”

“Just some background for you,” Maas added.

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