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Geraldo Says Migrant Caravan Not a Threat Hours After They Tear Down Border Wall, Storm Mexico

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Influential reporter Geraldo Rivera doesn’t think we should worry about the caravan of Honduran migrants heading for the United States in a planned circumvention of the normal course of legal immigration.

The group of migrants, estimated to be around 4,000 people in total (although some have since reportedly turned back), were coming from Honduras though Mexico, with the United States as their final destination.

“Remember words like ‘pity’ and ‘compassion,'” Rivera said on Fox News on Friday.

“The pictures of the folks we just saw in Griff’s report — moms clutching their toddlers — these are not people that represent an existential threat to the United States,” Rivera said on Friday, referring to Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins, who has been reporting from the southern Mexican border.

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Rivera’s comments came the same day as we saw a horde of migrants clashing with Mexican police who tried to stop them from coming through.

Reports came of the caravan’s attempts to push past the police after breaking through chain link gates between Guatemala and Mexico.

Do you agree with Rivera that these migrants don't pose a threat?

“We are the richest country on earth,” Rivera said. “We live next to some of the poorest countries and some of the most violent countries on earth: Honduras, where many of the people in this so-called caravan are from, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador.”

On Thursday, Rivera had stated similar sentiments when he went to Twitter to advocate for the migrants.

“#MigrantCaravan made up of desperate families seeking life of hope rather than despair,” he wrote. “We can build #BorderWall but it would only slow them down. Every parent wants to give their children a better life. The only way to stop them is to improve conditions in their home countries.”

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While Rivera may not be concerned about the migrants illegally entering the U.S., President  Donald Trump is. He has urged Mexico to stop the travelers before they reach the U.S.

On Saturday at a rally in Nevada, Trump called it an “incredible situation,” according to CNN.

“It’s sad. And it’s sad, honestly; it’s sad from both sides. It’s sad from their side also,” the president summed up.

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