It's Time To Enforce the Law and Rein in Liberal Media Giants


“Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” The salient terms here are “Congress shall make no law.” The meaning of “abridge” at the time it was used in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution was “to deprive.”

Thus, even though the actions of internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other blatantly leftist social media corporations in censoring conservative content — read: pro-American, pro-capitalist, pro-Christian, pro-traditional values, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Trump, etc. — clearly deprive us of our freedom of speech, the actions are constitutional, since the perps are companies and not Congress.

Though these self-proclaimed arbiters of what is acceptable to say or discuss are depriving the majority of Americans — and do not doubt me, as Rush Limbaugh says, we are the majority — of a venue to speak out, they are not included in the language of the 1st Amendment, and therefore are not covered.

We are faced with a similar problem in regard to the “mainstream” media. Technically, TV “news,” both networks and cable, MSN, Yahoo, The Hill, Politico, all the failing “newspapers,” etc. are “the press.” Interestingly, the amendment does not define what “the press” is.

If we applied the reasoning the double-standard left tries to apply to the 2nd Amendment, that the Founders meant only the muskets in use in the late 1700s, then TV, radio, the Internet, and all news transmitted in any way, shape, or form other than ink on paper, including news sent by the far-left Associated Press, by telephone, telegraph, or fax, would not be covered. Hmmm…

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In any case, this so-called modern press is free to make up the most outrageous lies and slander on a daily basis, without fear of curtailment or legal repercussions. Conundrums, indeed.

So, what can be done to stop this usurpation of freedom of the flow of information, this imposition social engineering, indoctrination, and propaganda on us?

Time to follow the advice of trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt. Since in terms of mass communications we can only speak softly, let’s use our anti-trust laws as our Big Stick.

A salient fact that we all need to be aware of is that only six — repeat, six — mega-corporations own 90% of all newspapers and TV networks and stations.

Clearly, they all group-think in leftist lockstep, with the exact same buzz words and phrases mouthed and printed across the board.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have done an excellent job of putting together montage after montage of the media spewing identically worded Democrat talking points, night after night, day after day. The stranglehold that these corporations have on our media needs to be broken.

They are clearly making it difficult, if not impossible, for people with ideas other than the ones they force upon us to compete with them.

There is obvious collusion among them, and a quick look at the practices covered by anti-trust laws shows that if one substitutes ideas and knowledge for money and profits, the tech giants and the media giants have broken just about every one of them.

I truly believe that President Trump is serious about wanting to clean out the corruption that is rotting America from within.

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The Attorney General and the Justice Department are part of the Executive Branch, of which he is the head. Repeat: The Attorney General and the Justice Department are part of the Executive Branch, of which he is the head.

Time to put the anti-trust laws to work protecting the American people from our Enemies Within.

Michael Oberndorf, M.A., is a retired archaeologist, currently living in the Great American West. He is a firm believer in, “America, love it or leave it.”

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