Leftist Students Vandalize Pro-Life Display on Campus


Students at The College of New Jersey ripped flags representing aborted fetuses out of the ground and then created their own display with a pro-choice message.

One student vandal said the flags erected by TCNJ’s Students for Life group in its Graveyard of the Innocent display were for “some cells that got flushed out,” while another said they were “traumatic” to women who had gotten abortions, according to a news release Students for Life of America sent to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“This is a graveyard for kids!” the student filming the Thursday vandalism said.

“They’re not kids; they’re fetuses,” replied one of the vandals.

“It’s a couple of flags for some cells that got flushed out,” another said.

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The pro-choice students, some of whom appeared to be members of the campus LGBT group PRISM, debated throwing the flags in the trash, but ultimately decided to leave them in a heap on the ground.

One of the vandals indicated that she would take the flags back out of the ground if the person recording the video planted them back in there.

Pro-choice students set up a flag display Friday “representing the people here who believe you have the right to choose, to love, (and) to protest” in the same location.

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“Hate has no home at TCNJ,” their sign finished.

TCNJ subsequently removed the pro-choice display since Students for Life had reserved the space.

“The vandalism at TCNJ is further proof that some students on college campuses cannot even fathom the idea that other people have free-speech rights,” Students for Life of America spokeswoman Kristi Hamrick said in the news release.

“Despite the vandalism, TCNJ Students for Life are not letting this deter them from continuing to promote a culture of life on campus.”

TCNJ Students for Life vice president Grace Gottschling noted that students attempted to vandalize the group’s display at least six times in under 24 hours.

“The College of New Jersey respects and welcomes a diversity of opinions on campus, which is why the Students for Life Group received permission for their flag display from our division of Student Affairs,” a TCNJ spokesman said.

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“There will be a formal discussion with all parties involved to determine what next steps are appropriate.”

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