Liberal Law Prof: IG Report Supports Trump, POTUS Had Good Reason to Fire Comey


George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley said the recently released IG report will make it harder for Bob Mueller to prove obstruction and thinks it might vindicate President Donald Trump’s decision to fire James Comey.

“To me, the obstruction claim involving Comey was always difficult,” Turley said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“But, after the IG, it’s become virtually incomprehensible because the IG said that Comey was insubordinate. That he deviated from policies. He violated FBI policy. All those are a good reason to fire James Comey.”

Turley said Trump critics will have a problem proving the president obstructed justice, after several high-ranking officials have come out and said his firing of Comey was justified.

“The problem that’s going to come up for the critics of President Trump is that this dog just won’t hunt when you’ve both the IG and the deputy attorney general saying he deserved to be fired, you can’t assume everything against him,” Turley continued.

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He also said if Mueller plans to use Comey’s firing as a way of proving obstruction, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be forced to recuse himself from the case.

“If Mueller was really going after obstruction based on Comey, then Rosenstein would have to recuse himself,” Turley concluded.

“Rosenstein said if Mueller told him he was a witness, he would remove himself. He hasn’t done that which makes me think one of two things. Either Mueller is ignoring conflicts of interest or he’s not seriously pursuing that angle.”

The interview got mixed results on social media.

Liberals don’t do irony when it comes to Hillary Clinton and the Trump administration.

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And they won’t believe anything that looks good for the Trump White House — even when it comes from a liberal law professor like Turley.

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