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How Low Birthrates and Uncontrolled Immigration Spell the Doom of the United States

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“U.S. Lowest Birthrate in 32 Years, CDC Says.” The NPR article by that title cited a CDC study that found an alarming decrease in women willing to have children. Most leftists cheer the demographic shift, embracing the myth of overpopulation.

Planned Parenthood has reason to celebrate: the organization’s abortion advocacy and taxpayer-funded condom and contraceptive distribution programs have entered almost every home in the nation.

The cultural Marxists are throwing a party. But those who have the sense to learn from history are increasingly alarmed at the low birthrates. We have been naive about how the enemies of liberty have exploited crises to impose its diabolical will on us — predictable crises that their policies create.

What’s their remedy for back alley abortions? “Safe” and legal abortion. What’s God’s remedy, according to God’s Word? Justice for the murder victim.

According to the left, what’s the remedy for teen pregnancy according to the left? Child-killing and cancer-causing birth control. What’s the remedy for teen pregnancy according to God’s Word? Marriage.

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What’s the remedy for homosexual temptation according to the left? Celebration. A pride march. God’s Word? Repentance, forgiveness and self-control, the same as for adultery or any other sexual sin.

This is the modus operandi of communist dictatorships throughout the ages. They create a problem that their remedy aims to fix, but their remedy, not being in line with God’s Word, just creates more problems.

We should be able to connect the dots between the low birth rate, abortion, birth control, homosexuality, increasing government funding and control, increased immigration, increased, unsustainable government spending, increased euthanasia, predictable social unrest, predictable economic collapse, and ultimately, a tyrannical dictatorship.

One leads to the other as surely as one leads to two and two leads to three. It is all a carefully implemented strategy to take the West from liberty to tyranny, and it has been strikingly successful.

If lovers of liberty ever hope put a halt to this leftist plunge into a baptism of death and misery, we must first be able to identify it.

One thing that abortion, homosexuality and birth control have in common is a general animosity to child-bearing. One-third of all babies are murdered in the womb. In the Scriptures, child sacrifice is often one of the last straws before God destroys a nation. But one kind of judgment is God simply leaving the nation to its devices. At the risk of sounding bombastic, if our general dislike of children is allowed to play out, the United States of America will implode.

Our children will grow up under a tyrannical government the likes of which we have never known except maybe under King George the III; only the citizenry will be without the moral backbone or courage to secede from the tyrant and establish a righteous limited government as did our American forefathers.

This animosity against children became entrenched in the culture beginning with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s socialist policies. Exploiting the crisis of the Great Depression, he confiscated all privately owned gold and created a massive slew of bureaucracies intended to control America. He actually believed it was the government’s duty to give employment to idle men. Freedom took a backseat to security in his government — security as he defined it. Welfare programs replaced Christian charities to feed the poor, essentially making a massive bureaucracy to profit off poverty.

Economists and historians agree that World War II actually saved FDR’s socialist policies from extinction because they were failing and being abandoned before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. FDR’s implementation of Social Security made children a largely unnecessary shield against want in old age. Children were less the wealth that Scripture portends them to be and more the liability that socialism portrays them to be.

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Perhaps most of what could be learned about FDR’s views of government could be ascertained from his propping up the communist leader Joseph Stalin, who made all children the property of the state, who with Lenin pioneered the sexual license that pervades the West with our pervasive sexual anarchy, and who also happened to be one of the greatest mass murderers of all time. It was FDR’s idea to label Stalin “Uncle Joe” and prod sympathy for him in the American public, even though we had known he had murdered over 11 million people before Hitler even invaded a single nation!

Today we are witnessing a speeding up of the inevitable outcome of FDR’s socialist policies. Without children to provide the workers to pay the taxes that Social Security and Medicare and all the welfare programs require, what is the nation to do? Print money out of thin air (which we’ve been doing since FDR), and increase immigration.

“Unequal weights and unequal measures are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” (Proverbs 20:10)

Printing money as we have done with the Federal Reserve violates God’s principle against unequal or unjust “weights and measures.” It’s a way for the government to coerce wealth and property from the people without the unpopularity of raising taxes. Just look how the price of goods has skyrocketed since the 1930s.

Just as recently as 1989 I remember gasoline was 98 cents a gallon. Has a gallon of gas grown in value 250 percent since 1989? No. The dollar has decreased in value. Why? Inflation — which is a predictable consequence of the government printing money out of thin air. We work for our money, but the government just prints and spends. What it prints floods the land with cash which dilutes the value of our savings and our earning power. It also sets up bubbles that, sooner or later, “pop” and destroy people’s “nest eggs” (like 2008 bubble pop), ruining lives.

Unjust weights and measures are an abomination to the Lord because He loves us. It’s stealing, and He forbids others from stealing from us. God’s standard is to work and earn wealth and give to others. Communism and socialism’s standard is to gain wealth from someone else, using the power of the state to do what you could never get away with as an individual. It inevitably breeds animosity between the “haves” and the “have-nots” — propping up a class struggle that leads to freedom’s tomb and gives birth to communist tyranny.

Immigration as it is occurring in the U.S. also sets us up for implosion. Immigrants aren’t appropriately screened for terrorist connections, they aren’t integrated into the American culture, and many get on welfare when they get here. Why do you think millions of Hispanics from South America cross hundreds of miles of Spanish-speaking lands to emigrate to the United States? Welfare! Then they drive Americans out of jobs by being willing to take less than minimum wage. They get paid in cash so they and their employers can hide it from the IRS and welfare bureaucracies.

Immigrants largely vote for Democrats because they, in essence, are voting themselves money out of the U.S. Treasury. Republicans have put up a good attempt at recruiting the poor to be Republican voters by expanding welfare even more radically than the left (like Bush’s Medicare Drug Entitlement program, which was the largest government welfare program since Lyndon Johnson). But as long as the left wants more socialism than the right, it can count on the vote of those who rely on welfare.

In “The Reliant” — a full feature movie I wrote and produced starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, the Benham Brothers, Nicole C. Mullen, and Eric Roberts — the events at the beginning of the film plunge our protagonists into a crisis that one fellow producer called “the most realistic precipitating crisis I have ever seen in a movie.” Why? Because it begins with a monetary collapse.

What was a John Birch theory two decades ago is now a weekly topic of discussion on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. We have a nation flooded with goods, but our level of taxation and debt is profanely high. The average American works from Jan. 1 to April 19 for the government — upon pain of fine, prison or property confiscation. Our government has trillions of dollars of unpaid liability — debt. The Bible says the debtor is a slave to the lender. Our level of debt is unsustainable. We can never, ever pay it back.

Patrick Buchanan in his 2001 masterpiece, ‘The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization,” describes what’s happened to the United States of America.

“We are two countries, two peoples. An older America is passing away, and a new America is coming into its own. The new Americans who grew up in the 1960s and the years since did not like the old America. They thought it a bigoted, reactionary, repressive, stodgy country. So they kicked the dust from their heels and set out to build a new America, and they have succeeded. To its acolytes the cultural revolution has been a glorious revolution. But to millions, they have replaced the good country we grew up in with a cultural wasteland and a moral sewer that are not worth living in and not worth fighting for — their country, not ours.”

The implosion propped up by our immigration policies is happening in Europe right now. Almost every nation has a birthrate lower than ours and has for decades. As a result, they rely heavily on immigration to fund their old age benefits. Well, who are immigrating in Europe? Those who are procreating — Muslims. Formerly Christian nations are now becoming Islamic by democratic transformation. What of the freedoms they take for granted when their grandchildren wake up in a land governed by Sharia law? When their granddaughters are held down for genital mutilation and forced unwillingly into polygamous marriages? When their grandsons are taught by Imams that Jesus didn’t die for our sins and the only way to be sure of eternal life is to die in holy jihad? When Christians are targeted by Islamic mobs during Ramadan as they are in Islamic nations across the world?

Another reason the precipitating crisis in my film “The Reliant” has been called so realistic is because it is already happening regularly — all across Europe and the United States. All it takes is winning a Super Bowl or World Cup (or losing one), the acquittal of an officer, or a bad hurricane, and what happens? Rioting. Looting. Social unrest. Clashes of police and civilians. Racial conflicts.

In the yet-to-be-produced sequel “The Defiant,” this implosion is explored even more deeply, as well as the remedy to reverse the crisis and restore liberty. These are the kinds of messages we must winsomely convey to the culture to provoke and harness the kind of outrage we must have to turn our nation around. (“The Reliant” comes to theaters this fall.)

Time is running out to reverse our course from the sewer to which we are recklessly speeding. If you are one of the rare believers who longs to restore our forefather’s philosophy of government, to banish government control in favor of the free market, to replace our massive bureaucratic prison system with a system of justice that’s inexpensive and effective, to defy the left’s notion of tolerance in favor of free speech, to protect our constitutional right to property and to keep and bear arms — extraordinary courage will be demanded of you in the dark days to come.

Here’s the good news: “There is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few” (I Samuel 14:6). The good news is there is a God who loves us, who answers prayers and who longs to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect toward Him.

Dr. J. P. Johnston is a family physician, an author and a filmmaker living in Charlotte, North Carolina area. He and his wife have ten home-educated children. Dr. Johnston is the founder and director of The Association of Pro-Life Physicians ( His 11th book is a World War 2 biography about the Yugoslavian-born baby rescuer Eva Edl entitled “She Looks Like My Little Girl.” His faith-based action movie “The Reliant” starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth and Eric Roberts is also releasing to theaters in the Fall. Purchase Dr. Johnston’s novels at and learn more about “The Reliant” at and

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