Man Finds Starved Dog Covered in Burns & Left for Dead, Vet Can't Stop Crying 'He Saved His Life'


Maintenance workers at apartments get to see a lot of things. If you’ve ever rented an apartment and put in a maintenance request while you’re gone, usually the only sign they leave is a fix or a note.

One maintenance worker in Georgia saw something that made his heart drop. It wasn’t a trashed apartment or an impossible request.

It was a dog. A grey pit bull, reduced to skin and bones.

The man knew he needed to do something, but when he contacted authorities they told him he could not remove the dog because that would be considered stealing.

He had to find another way to get the starving dog some help. He contacted animal control, who left notices on the owner’s door.

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One morning, the man noticed that the emaciated dog had been placed outside in a locked crate: a sign that the owner was relinquishing him.

The pup was rushed to Grayson Animal Hospital. The man had warned them that he was bringing in a severely malnourished dog, but it still shocked the staff.

“When he came up here he was crying, he was in tears, he was in disbelief,” Cinnamon Koch, one of the rescue workers, said. “He saved this dog’s life.”

“This is the worst abuse I’ve ever seen,” Koch said. “He’s so sweet and loving all he wants to do is kiss you.”

Safe in caring hands, the dog was named “Mikey” after the man who had saved him.

They soon found that he weighed a measly 24 pounds when he should weigh about double that. Not only was his weight concerning, but he was covered in burns marks and wounds.

“He doesn’t have enough strength to stand and he looks like a walking skeleton,” said Dr. John Tolliver. “It makes you sad and it makes you angry that someone would allow an animal to get into that shape.”

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The people caring for him believe that Mikey will be able to pull through — but it won’t be easy. Or cheap.

Four young ladies — Annabelle, Ari, Addie, and Rylee — discovered this pup’s plight and worked to pool their allowance so that Mikey could have a fighting chance.

Out of the Box Boxer Rescue and Society Humane Friends of Georgia are currently working to get Mikey healthy again.

Other people are being encouraged to join these four youngsters in an effort to prove to this poor dog that people can be good and life is worth living.

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