Melania Trump's Spokeswoman Destroys 'The View' Guest for 'Disgusting' Mistress Attack


ABC’s “The View” is back again with more political takes, this time attacking first lady Melania Trump and exposing just how much respect the left has for women.

On Friday morning, the women of “The View” were joined by ABC News correspondent Tom Llamas, whose exclusive interview of Melania Trump aired on Friday night.  Friday’s episode of “The View” also featured actress Yvette Nicole Brown guest co-hosting.

As shown in a video from Breitbart, the show had a segment where they played a short clip from Llamas’ interview, during which he asked the first lady a somewhat presumptuous question.

“You’re not the first first lady to have to deal with her husband’s alleged infidelities. Has this put a strain on your marriage?” Llamas asked in the interview.

“It is not a concern and focus of mine,” Trump responded. “I’m a mother and a first lady and I have much more important things to think about and to do. I know people like to speculate and media like to speculate about our marriage.”

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After the clip, Yvette Nicole Brown asked, “Is it possible that she’s not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them? Is that possible that it doesn’t affect her in that way?”

There was an awkward moment after this appalling comment before co-host Abby Huntsman fumbled to swoop in and and change the topic.

The hosts of “The View” continued to ask Llamas about his experience interviewing Trump.  He noted that she didn’t request that any topics were off limits, something that is usually common practice with most famous personages.

Llamas also said that Trump didn’t seem to put up a front for the interview, but rather that she had the same steady, professional demeanor on and off screen.

Do you think Brown's comments were disrespectful?

Brown’s inappropriate comment, however, disrupted the atmosphere of the rest of the segment with Llamas, who awkwardly tried to make amends before he left.

“Before we go, I do want to say something,” he said. “There was a comment made at this table today about Mrs. Trump.”

“Allegedly,” Brown said, cutting him short.

“I just want to say whether you like her or you don’t like her, she deserves our respect because she is our First Lady,” Llamas plowed ahead.

As the hosts of “The View” were quick to chime in agreement to try to save the piece, Brown responded “I don’t respect her.”

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The segment promptly ended.

The first lady’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham defended her against Brown’s attack on Twitter on Friday, deeming it “disgusting” and telling Brown to check her facts before accusing someone of being a mistress.

“She deserves your respect and certainly not your lies,” Grisham wrote.

But Brown was dead set on making sure that as many people as possible know that she doesn’t respect the first lady, responding on Twitter that she stood by her words.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, another much-needed voice of reason, pointed out the left’s hypocrisy.

“Sad @TheView continues their disgusting attacks on @FLOTUS,” she wrote.

“The left’s ‘war on women’ they disagree with is a disgrace. @FLOTUS is strong, accomplished, and has a lot more class than the women who bully her.”

Sanders’ commentary was spot-on. The left applauds women up until the point that they express a view that liberals don’t agree with. After that, women like the first lady are open to ruthless character attacks and intrusion into their personal lives.

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