Press Sec Grilled on Biden's Negligence of East Palestine, Reporter's Simple Question Leaves Her Speechless


The Biden administration could easily be defined by three words: Mediocrity, dishonest and ineptitude.

No single person embodies these unimpressive personal attributes more than White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

The face of the White House actually stated on Thursday that President Joe Biden’s decision to ignore the people of East Palestine, Ohio, is an example of “leadership.”

These are people whose lives were upended beginning on Feb. 3 when through no fault of their own when their community became the site of an ecological catastrophe.

A Norfolk Southern train carrying thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals derailed, leaving the wildlife devastated and people afraid of their air and water.

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was not concerned. Neither was Biden. The message from the White House to these struggling American citizens has been clear from the beginning: We don’t care.

Buttigieg was finally interested in a community besieged by toxins this week. It was after former President Donald Trump announced he would tour the devastation.

Biden, meanwhile, visited Ukraine this week to give away more money to the citizens of that country. He has not yet shown any interest in the people of East Palestine.

On Thursday, a CNN reporter named Jermey Diamond of all people actually asked the president’s press sectary about it. Her response was shocking in both its ineptitude and its dishonesty.

Do you approve of Biden’s handling of the Ohio crisis?

“So I guess I am just struggling to understand why the president wouldn’t go to East Palestine,” Diamond said. “Does it simply not meet the bar for a presidential visit?”

The press secretary was momentarily unable to answer the question.

“I, uh, eh, uh, it’s… I want to be very clear here,” she said. “There’s no reason to struggle, I don’t think, on this question.”

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She went on to claim the federal government jumped into action within “hours.” She was momentarily saved from stumbling over her own words when a reporter’s mobile phone rang.

After she gathered herself, she resumed the spin. She claimed Biden had fielded numerous phone calls about the derailment in actions she delineated as “leadership.”

“Leadership matters,” Jean-Pierre said before she took an apparent shot at Trump. “That’s what you are seeing, instead of political stunts that we’re seeing from the other side.”

Jean-Pierre is mediocre at best in regard to her ability to communicate messages. She is certainly more inept than her predecessor Jen Psaki — a woman who was, objectively speaking, not good at her job.

But Jean-Pierre reigns supreme in her ability to balance lying, gaslighting and simultaneously being wholly inept. She is unrivaled in these categories — as far as recent press secretaries are concerned.

Biden has been nowhere for the people of eastern Ohio. Jean-Pierre told the entire world Thursday that his apparent lack of empathy for not only Americans but also their environment is somehow an example of supreme crisis management.

The American people deserve better than this.

If the past is in any way indicative of what we can expect in the future, this is the best the White House has to offer.

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Johnathan Jones has worked as a reporter, an editor, and producer in radio, television and digital media.
Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as an editor and producer in radio and television. He is a proud husband and father.