Trump Mocks FBI Lovers, Strzok and Page Spouses Aren't Too Happy


In Minnesota this week, President Donald Trump once again used a campaign-style rally to lash out at his political enemies.

As the U.K. Daily Mail reported, many frequent targets of Trump’s twitter rants were featured in his stream-of-thought speech Wednesday.

He focused much of his attention on the recent Justice Department inspector general’s report detailing the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s improper use of a private email server to send and receive government information.

In addition to Clinton herself, he taunted other perceived adversaries including FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

The pair has been at the center of their own scandal after leaked text messages revealed their anti-Trump bias and seemed to confirm they were engaged in an extramarital affair.

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Trump did not let his own spotty record on the matter stop him from pointing out their alleged infidelities.

“With Peter Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page,” he said. “I don’t think their wife and husband are too happy about that. What do you think? I don’t think so.”

Much of his discussion of the report, however, dealt directly with Clinton.

“Have you been watching what’s been going on with the inspector general’s report?” he asked. “What a scam this whole thing is, OK? How guilty is she?”

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The crowd can be heard responding with Trump’s campaign-era rallying cry of “Lock her up!” in response to his former rival.

“No, but have you been seeing this whole scam?” he continued. “Do you believe what you see? No matter what she did — no matter how many crimes she committed, which were numerous, they wanted her to be innocent.”

He claimed his campaign received the opposite reaction from federal investigators.

“With me? Nothing,” Trump said. “No collusion, no nothing, and they just wanted to take, all of us, they wanted to put us in trouble.”

Describing their behavior as “disgusting,” he said their plan was nonetheless “not working too well.”

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As a result, he claimed his opponents — apparently in the media — are now highlighting the effects of his administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy.

“They’re building up immigration,” Trump said. “They don’t want to show what’s happening in Congress where this whole scam has been revealed. So they want to stay on immigration where Obama had bigger problems than anybody, where Bush had problems.”

He added that they “don’t want to go into the halls of Congress, which has totally revealed the Russian scam that is going on.”

The president expanded his diatribe to include “the elite,” another popular foil from his 2016 campaign speeches and similar post-inauguration rallies.

“They always call the other side, and they do this sometimes, ‘the elite,'” he said. “The elite! Why are they elite?”

Without making any individual comparisons, Trump took the liberty of casting himself favorably against the broadly defined group.

“I have a much better apartment than they do,” he said. “I’m smarter than they are. I’m richer than they are. I became president and they didn’t.”

Bringing up another 2016 campaign talking point, Trump revived an infamous Clinton gaffe by celebrating the fact that he represents “the deplorables.”

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