Vet Miraculously Saves Dog Covered in Painful Burns, Moment Dog Sees Him After Surgery Recorded


It was March 2017 when a dog named Smokey nearly came to a violent, tragic end.

The dog, apparently owned by someone in the homeless camp where he was stationed, had been chained to a tree.

Being a pit bull or mix of some sort, the pup’s ferocious looks were probably what led to him being given the position of guard dog, posted on the edge of the encampment.

He probably would have been fine if the fire hadn’t broken out. Authorities are unsure how the fire started, but said such occurrences are not rare.

When firefighters showed up, they found the dog still tied up as the fire raged around him. He was very badly burned, with burns down to the bone on parts of his body.

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“The little guy was burned up pretty good,” West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Captain Gregg Gordon said. “Even when we grabbed him, he was very distressed. I was concerned whether he would live.”

No wonder the poor creature was terrified. With no chance of escape on his own, his fate would have been to burn to death if good Samaritans did not intervene and cut the chains that bound him.

It took a lot of time, money, and treatment to get Smokey back on the road to recovery, but he had a lot of people in his corner rooting for him.

After initially being taken in by animal control, he was transferred to Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center.

Eventually one of the employees at the center fell in love with him and adopted him. Dr. Katelyn Thomas became the proud owner of one heck of a brave pup.

But not before Smokey developed a very special bond with another employee at JPESC.

Dr. Latimer, the man who labored over the dog’s wounds and brought him back from the brink of death became a very important person in Smokey’s life.

After finishing his treatments, Smokey got on with his new life. No longer tethered outside and expected to be a guard dog, he healed in more ways than one.

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Nine months later, the survivor got to meet his doctor friend once more, and their reunion says more than any words could.


It’s east to see the love and affection between these two. Smokey clearly adores this doctor, and probably recognizes that this man is the reason he’s had a second shot at life.

Thank you so much to all the kind and caring people who put in the effort to help dogs like Smokey, so that they can experience what real love is all about.

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