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Veterinary Office Shares Photos After Rescuing Kitten from Rim of Tire


Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures. When they’re not lazing around and taking their notorious cat naps or turning their nose up at mealtime offerings, they’re poking about and getting themselves into trouble.

That’s why they need nine lives: Their curiosity is deadly.

Fortunately for one kitten named “Cookie,” curiosity ended up with a terribly awkward situation but no loss of life.

In October 2017 the 4-month-old cat was exploring the garage of the family it lived with when it saw an interesting plaything: a tire. Before anyone could prevent it from ill-fated adventure, the kitten popped its head into the center of the rim … and got stuck.

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When the owners realized what had transpired and exhausted their own attempts to free the little one, they loaded up the wheeled kitten and took the whole mess to Pieper Veterinary in Middletown, Connecticut.

“Never a dull day at Pieper!” the office posted on their Facebook page. “Meet little Cookie, a four month old kitten who was playing in the garage and decided to stick her head through a tire!”

Has your pet ever gotten stuck in a strange place?

Dr. Himsel assessed the situation and the poor feline, and together she and the vet staff managed to get Cookie out of the predicament.

“After trying everything they could to get her out her family brought Cookie in to see us,” the post continued, “Our team in the emergency room was able to quickly get her free from the tire rim, and now she’s resting from her exciting day. She’s going to be just fine! ❤️❤️”

Jesse Ferguson, marketing manager for Pieper Veterinarian, told The Dodo that they were shocked to see the tiny kitten in the huge tire.

“They had called ahead and we knew there was a cat stuck in a tire, but we didn’t know how he was stuck — or how big of a tire it was,” Ferguson said. “It was a surprise when they walked into the lobby with a full-sized car tire.”

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“Once I realized he’s only stuck his head through the tire on his own, being a silly kitten, then the situation became less frightening. He wasn’t hurt at all — just stuck.”

“Cookie was kind of stressed — it’s what was making it so difficult to get him out of the tire. But I think he was doing pretty well considering.

“He was exhausted, but otherwise completely unharmed,” Ferguson said. “Success stories like this one are so good for everyone involved.”

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