Watch: Chip Roy Calls Out the MAGA Wing Over 'Circular Firing Squad' in Profanity-Laced Rant


Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas ripped members of his own party amid the GOP’s ongoing infighting hours before Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House speaker on Tuesday.

Roy joined Steve Deace of BlazeTV to discuss his support for McCarthy — which he said had led to accusations that he is a “RINO,” or a Republican in name only.

An incensed Roy unleashed a volley of profanity as he went on the offensive against his critics.

“Some of our brothers and sisters — particularly in the, you know, MAGA camp, I think — particularly enjoy the circular firing squad,” Roy said.

“You want to come at me and call me a RINO? You can kiss my a**,” the Texan said, adding that he has “spent a lifetime fighting for limited government conservatism.”

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“You go around talking your big game and thumping your chest on Twitter? Yeah. Come to my office and come have a debate, mother.”

Roy held nothing back in regard to the state of the Republican Party and how he intends to approach his job.

“I’m standing up for this country every single day,” he said. “Because, God d*** it, there are people who are buried over in Normandy who deserve us to stand up for what they fought for.”

“And all of you f***ers out there who are out there saying what you’re saying out on social media, you stick it.”

Roy said that despite his differences with the Republicans who would eventually vote to boot McCarthy, he respects them — including Rep. Matt Gaetz, who led the effort to take McCarthy down.

The congressman also took a veiled shot at former President Donald Trump, calling out what he sees as the party’s “parade of personalities and celebrities.”

Roy instead talked up GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who he said has a record of consistent victories as governor of Florida and is the GOP’s best chance at restoring order.

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“What I’m gonna do is keep laying out what I think we need to do to stop that little girl from getting trafficked while we’re pissing around in this God-forsaken town, to stop spending money we don’t have, to stop turning over our sovereignty to cartels, to stop funding a proxy war,” Roy said.

“Going … into a fit of rage to go down and just blow stuff up I don’t think is the right path.”

Eight Republicans joined every House Democrat on Tuesday to remove McCarthy as speaker in a 216-210 vote.

Roy defended one of them, Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee, in a Tuesday post on X.

“Tim is my friend, and I very much respect his opinion,” Roy said. “All the ruling class hacks criticizing this as grandstanding don’t know Tim or what motivates my friends taking this position.”

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