Watch: College Students Now Think Thanksgiving Is a 'Racist' Holiday


When a holiday outright has the words “thanks” and “giving” in its name, you know that some liberals are going to take offense.

One university is crying racism about the celebration and taking down the holiday with its “Thanks But No Thanks-giving: Decolonizing an American Holiday” event.

The announcement of the University of Oregon’s student-run event called Thanksgiving a “celebration” of “ongoing genocide” and said the alternative event would help people with raising their “critical consciousness and identifying ways to decolonize the holiday.”

The school’s event description reads, “The main messages are that of gratitude, food, and family; however, Thanksgiving is, foundationally speaking, a celebration of the ongoing genocide against native peoples and cultures across the globe.”

It’s too bad these Oregon students weren’t at the first Thanksgiving to help the native Americans “decolonize” their celebrations.

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Campus Reform, which describes itself as a “watchdog to the nation’s higher education system,” sent correspondent Josiah Tejada to ask students whether they believe Thanksgiving is racist or celebrates genocide.

“Honestly, like, I’m not super educated on the topic, but I just know that it has to do with the way the settlers treated the natives who lived here,” one student told him.

“There’s definitely a racist history to Thanksgiving, and that should probably definitely be addressed more in education,” another said.

Another student said Thanksgiving was “racist” because “we’re celebrating taking away land from natives.”

Do you celebrate genocide on Thanksgiving?

I’m not sure exactly how her Thanksgivings go down, but I for one have never taken part in any “taking away land” Thanksgiving day celebrations.

“It doesn’t have to be not celebrated, but if we can change it to instead of feeding ourselves maybe feeding the natives or donating to natives. Do we really need a giant feast?” she continued.

“The whole concept with, like, taking land and assigning a value to it through cost is, like, it was different through European cultures,” another student told Campus Reform.

One student seemed to have learned about the native Americans’ part in Thanksgiving, saying, “Growing up in school they routinely talked about the contributions that native Americans had toward the first Thanksgiving and the reason why we even celebrate it to begin with, so if you want to make that a bigger portion of it, that makes sense.”

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It may be hard for some liberal students, who are known for feeling entitled to everything, to wrap their heads around the concept of gratitude. This may explain their pushback against Thanksgiving.

However, one thing all the students had in common is that they are all living in America. If that’s not something to give thanks for, then I don’t know what is.

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