Woman Takes 1 Look at Dog that Looks Like Cartoon Character and Falls in Love


Sometimes you just know things instinctively. Some people can sense when loved ones are in harm’s way, others claim to know immediately when they’ve met “the one.”

Alexis Magoo fell in love the moment she looked into the eyes staring back at her from a photo online. Those baby blues stole her heart.

Those piercing peepers belonged to a young street pup who had endured a lot so far in her short life. She was just a puppy, but she was blind, and had been beaten and picked on by humans and animals alike.

“I’ve never seen a dog that looks like her before,” the proud owner told The Dodo. “You know, she kinda looks like a cartoon.”

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“The little blurb about her said that they found her in Tijuana when she was a puppy and she was blind. Kids, drunk people were throwing rocks at her and stuff.”

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The husky mix (possibly with pit bull of some sort) was a complete love bug, and at 9 months old she wormed her way into Magoo’s heart.

“I just knew when I saw her picture that that was the dog that was for me,” Magoo said. “I just knew she was mine, like, right away. It’s kinda like when you fall in love, you know, you just know.”

It’s the classic story of rescue, where the eternal question is “who rescued whom?” Kila the pup may have been in a rough spot, but Magoo had been fighting her own demons.

“I was going through a transition period and I was between jobs and nothing was really going right for me,” Magoo admitted. “And I was kinda feeling sorry for myself, didn’t wanna get out of bed and depressed and all that crap.”

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“And since I got her, you know, I just see how she’s happy all the time, and how she’s just happy to be alive and how she, like, lives in the moment, and it’s a good lesson to learn.”

Dogs are an excellent antidepressant. People are often counseled to get a dog for many reasons: to stave off loneliness, to improve their social life, to have an exercise buddy, and to help them learn to live in the moment.

But they’re also shining examples of resilience. Magoo wanted to adopt Kila after all the abuse she’d lived through, but Kila showed Magoo how to take life’s lemons and make lemonade.

“She’s the sweetest thing, you know, she doesn’t let the fact that she’s blind or that she’d been abused as a puppy, like, make her mad at the world or not love anybody,” Magoo continued.

“All she knows is love. She loves going to the dog park and playing with other dogs. She, like, she doesn’t even know which dog she’s running after but, like, any dog that runs by her, she’ll start chasing that dog and go play with them, try to catch their ball if they’re playing fetch with their owner.”

“She’s nice all the time for no reason and so I try to live my life like that now. It’s made me a lot happier.”

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