Worrying Development: COVID Caste System Beginning to Take Shape


There have been many concerns in America about certain freedoms being taken away in response to COVID-19. This problem appears to be worse in Germany, where the government is attempting to set up a de facto caste system with regard to the coronavirus vaccine.

According to the German news outlet DW, the government in Germany has approved the idea of giving more freedoms to people who are vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19.

DW reported the measure was first approved by a meeting of ministers, and it then passed in both the lower Bundestag and upper Bundesrat in Germany. It was first put into place on May 9.

The outlet described the specific provisions that were passed, and they paint a troubling picture.

Instead of loosening restrictions for everyone, Germany has decided to allow only people who are considered to have adequate virus “protection” to enjoy more freedoms.

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Those who are vaccinated or have recovered from the virus will reportedly be able to have restriction-free meetings with other individuals who are considered protected.

In addition, DW said that people who are defined as “fully immunized” will be exempt from nightly curfews in the country.

This obviously creates an issue where a certain group of people is afforded rights that others do not have simply because of a certain medical state.

These rights are not extraordinary, but rather basic rights that all citizens should have. Denying those basic rights for people who are not immune to the virus is extremely dictatorial.

Are you concerned about the possibility of vaccine passports?

The suggestion that one must be vaccinated or become ill and recover from COVID-19 in order to meet with others in a private setting should be concerning to anyone who values freedom.

In order to determine who can enjoy which privileges, the German government plans to use “digital certificates,” DW reported. These will let stores and businesses know who they can and can’t let in by way of a QR code on a smartphone app.

The European Union is expected to start issuing these “digital certificates” in the summer. Until then, Berlin Mayor Michael Müller said that residents should carry around their physical proof of vaccination.

The DW attempted to spin this news as positive, saying that Germans “won’t need to show proof they tested negative to enter shops.”

This argument holds no weight, because they will still be forced to show their proof of vaccination to enter, which is hardly less restrictive than requiring them to show proof of a negative test.

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In either case, German citizens are being divided into groups based on their health records, and their rights are being adjusted accordingly.

That is a very scary reality — especially in a nation famous for having slaughtered millions of innocent men, women and children because they were considered second-class citizens.

Many people may think that such a program could only be instituted in another country. Unfortunately, measures like this one do have an effect on Americans.

According to CNBC, airlines such as United, Delta and American are “encouraging travelers to upload health documents online.”

The outlet reported that the European Union has agreed to reopen its borders to more tourists, but only if they are vaccinated. This means that Americans may have to prove their immunization record in order to travel to certain places.

“The travel industry has urged the Biden administration to create a set of standards for digital health credentials in an effort to lift travel restrictions that have devastated demand for leisure and business trips abroad for more than a year,” CNBC reported.

“The administration has said it will leave the task of developing digital health credentials up to the private sector. Federal officials also said they don’t intend to keep a database of vaccination records; that will be left to states.”

With these statements, the Biden administration is subtly encouraging the idea of “vaccine passports.” President Joe Biden knows that it would be unconstitutional for the federal government to force the vaccine on Americans, so he will just hope that private businesses or individual states will issue such requirements.

The idea that every American has a right to know the health records of everyone around them is absurd on its face.

If a person is vaccinated, they are overwhelmingly protected, and they have no reason to worry about whether others are vaccinated or not.

Many American freedoms have been threatened during this pandemic, and medical freedom is chief among them. As more countries begin to open, America must stand firm in allowing our citizens to make their own choices about the vaccine without facing certain discrimination.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.