10-Yr-Old Dies Tragic Death Attempting To Rescue Kittens Trapped Behind Dryer


It’s always tragic when a life is taken too soon. It’s even more devastating when the cause of death could have been prevented.

Greenlee Marie Buckley was a blonde 10-year-old who adored animals. She hoped, as many young enthusiasts do, to one day become a vet.

“She was the most compassionate person for all things living, at 10 years old, than most people have in a lifetime,” Shelby Roos, her mother, said.

“At just 10 years of age, she had such a compassionate heart, not just for people but for orphaned and injured animals as well.”

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It was while doing something she was passionate about on July 7 that Greenlee’s life was taken. While reaching to pull some kittens out from behind a dryer in her house, she died.

Authorities have said that she may have been electrocuted through faulty wiring or a similar issue with the dryer. Because of this, Roos is pleading for people to be very careful about who does their electric work.

“Please talk about the dangers of unlicensed electricians,” she said. “And state you have the right to ask for proof they are, and if your landlord doesn’t listen, go above their heads. Call your local fire department for code enforcement.”

Roos posted a photo of her daughter on Facebook with the sad news of her passing.

“With the heaviest of hearts I want to tell y’all our Greenlee was tragically taken from us Sat night,” she wrote.

“Please pray for us as we try to find (sense) in the senseless. I ask that everyone please continue to respect our privacy in not posting details.”

“I will update everyone as soon as I have more info,” she added. “Please hug all your babies tight because tomorrow is truly never promised.”

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The kittens Greenlee was rescuing are doing well, and Roos is starting up a GoFundMe page to continue the rescue work that Greenlee so loved. It’s a nice way to keep the young girl’s memory alive.

“So in honor of Greenlee we are asking that any donations be made, in lieu of flowers, cards, etc, her family would like to be able to collect funds to continue Greenlee’s passion of helping animals in our community,” the GoFundMe reads.

There’s also a Facebook page that has been set up to highlight the animals that the funds are going to help. They’ve named it “Greenlee’s Furbaby Mission.”

Roos concluded her Facebook message with a comforting thought about her beloved child: “… take peace in the fact that she is in heaven getting love from all the animals she loved with her whole heart.”

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