12-Year-Old Killed Trying To Save Dog from Traffic Will Be Buried with Beloved Pet


From the time that their children are very young, parents try to instill a sense of caution in them. The world can feel like an indifferent thing sometimes, and accidents happen routinely.

When we cross the street, we look both ways to make sure no cars are coming. When a ball or toy rolls into the street, we learn to assess the situation first to make sure no cars are nearby before retrieving the jeopardized item.

When you’re little, it can be worrisome to watch a ball roll into the road as cars go by, because you really don’t want to lose your toy. But toys can be replaced.

If it’s a dog that ran into the street, not a toy, well… there’s no real ingrained protocol for that one. Many people would run out to save their beloved pup, just as this young lady did.

Jennarae Goodbar, a 12-year-old from Rockbridge County, Virginia, was outside training her hound, Cash. She was in the front yard of her family’s property, which is near Route 60.

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The hound was Goodbar’s project and beloved pup, according to Fox 17. She’d saved up her money to pay for him, and the GoFundMe page that was set up for her funeral stated that she was a hunting enthusiast — which makes sense, considering that the hound was bred for just that.

But on Saturday afternoon, something either distracted the dog or spooked it, and it tore off, leaving Goodbar to chase after him. As he entered the road, she followed, and a car hit both of them.

The incident is under investigation, but the outcome is still the same: both the girl and her dog died, and the family has been left to deal with a loss that never should have taken place.

On Saturday, the family will put both of them to rest, burying the girl with her beloved dog. The GoFundMe page set up to help cover the expenses has received over $10,000 of the $15,000 goal in just one day.

Acquaintances, friends and total strangers have all been touched and saddened by this tragedy. The incident was horrible, but the response has been beautiful, with many coming forward to remember her and to say they could have easily been in the same situation themselves.

“Jennarae was such a beautiful and special girl,” one woman commented. “She will be missed so much by so many. She was and will always be a princess. She left her mark on all of our hearts and will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are will the family during this heartbreaking time.”

“God bless everyone that knew and loved Jennarae,” another wrote on the page. “‘Cash was her buddy, companion, and friend. A love that deep knows never an end. They shared the same passion, it’s deep within their hearts. A girl and her dog, they’ll never depart.'”

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“I donated because of the love for my dogs,” wrote another. “I would give my life for them. This beautiful girl and her pet are now together forever.”

“She will always be remembered as a sweet, energetic, dog loving, hunting loving little girl,” wrote Sonja Cash, who created the fundraiser, “a little girl who touched the lives of many.”

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