2 Men Charged with Sexual Crimes Against Georgia Children Could Be Illegal Aliens

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In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump took serious flak for saying that some illegal immigrants commit heinous crimes after sneaking over the border. The media lost its collective mind, labeling the current president a bigot for speaking his mind.

But over and over again, he ends up being vindicated. Not one but two shocking sexual crimes were just committed in Georgia, and — you guessed it — both accused perpetrators may have been illegal aliens.

The first incident took place in Marietta, Georgia on July 1. According to WAGA News, a 17-year-old foreigner is now facing felony charges and deportation after he allegedly committed a disturbing assault against a young girl.

That victim was only 7 years old.

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“According to the arrest warrant, back on July [1] Baudilio Salomon Diaz Ambrocio was alone with a 7-year-old girl while the child’s parents weren’t home,” the Atlanta news station reported. “Marietta police said Diaz Ambrocio forced the child against her will to have sex with him.”

Any kind of sexual attack should make good people angry, but this one was particularly disturbing.

The arrest warrant for Diaz Ambrocio stated that the assault was so bad the 7-year-old girl had to be admitted to the hospital and required surgery.

“According to Cobb County jail records, Diaz Ambrocio was born in Guatemala and is the subject of an ICE detainer,” WAGA confirmed, as the agency attempts to “determine whether or not he is here legally.”

Could immigration enforcement have prevented these alleged crimes?

It gets worse.

This crime wasn’t an isolated incident: A disturbingly similar sex crime also took place just days later, in the exact same town in Georgia.

“A young girl was followed and molested outside her Marietta house on July 4 after watching fireworks at Ron Francis Park with her family,” the Rome News-Tribune reported.

This 12-year-old victim was allegedly followed home by a 20-year-old immigrant, also from Guatemala.

“Marietta police arrested 20-year-old Cesar Chavez on July 5,” the newspaper said. “He was booked into the Cobb County jail on six felony charges of false imprisonment and child molestation.”

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He “remains in the Cobb jail without bond and is subject to an ICE detainer,” the News-Tribune added, suggesting there’s a good chance that he is in the country illegally.

It was only because the accused criminal was caught by the victim’s brother that the assault was halted.

“The girl got free of the man several times but he persisted, at one time holding her against a vehicle and hugging her from behind, touching her chest and thighs and kissing around her mouth and neck, authorities say,” the News-Tribune reported.

“The girl reportedly screamed for help and as her brother approached, the man ran off.”

Let’s think about this for a minute.

While the establishment media tries to slam anyone who shakes up the narrative by bringing up pesky facts, isn’t it at least somewhat noteworthy that two different aliens, both having possibly come here illegally the same broken country in Central America, allegedly committed sexual assaults in the same city, the same week?

This certainly doesn’t mean that immigrants who cross the border illegally are all terrible people.

But it might suggest that some very bad apples are taking advantage of the porous border and lax immigration enforcement to commit violent crimes inside the United States.

“How many innocent children must have their lives shattered before we do something to stop it?” That argument, or variations of it, are inevitably rolled out by the left any time a tragedy like a school shooting takes place.

Maybe it’s time to ask the same question about illegal immigration.

How many Americans, some of them young girls just trying to live their lives, will be hurt before politicians on both sides get serious about enforcing immigration laws?

This isn’t about ending immigration.

It’s simply about having some say over who is entering our country, and making sure that those who want to bend and break the rules are held responsible. Enough is enough.

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