4-Year-Old Boy Tells Mom's Fiance Adorable Reason Why He Can't Marry Mommy


The bread and butter of the internet is adorable kid and animal videos.

And whenever life has you down, few things can pick a person up like an injection of straight-up cute.

Engagement videos are also pretty popular. If a person could combine the power of an engagement video with the cuteness of a kid video then the world would never survive.

It is a risk we will have to take as 4-year old Asher reacts to his mother, Jasmin Niccole Brannans, engagement to her fiance, Ian Faulkner.

And really, we are all the better for it.

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Asher, though, isn’t really so sure what he thinks about it all. The video opens up with him kneeling on a paper heart strewn floor next to a table-clothed table.

Asher is looking at a box and an off camera voice tells him it was the box the ring came in. Going to his mother she asks him if he knows what an engagement ring means.

“You have to wear it all the time?” He says, to the laughter of his mother and Faulkner. “Even when you sleep?”

Brannan presses him, trying to ask if he knows the meaning of an engagement ring again.

He responds by asking if she is allowed to wear it in the pool.

Finally, she tells him it is a promise to get married and that Faulkner wants to marry her.

Asher responds with a “No! I want to marry mommy!”

Faulkner presses his case though, “But I treat her real good, don’t I?” and Asher, not one to be outdone, responds with “I do too.”

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Poor Asher’s marriage trauma doesn’t end there though.

According to Brannan’s posts, she suggested Asher could marry his school girlfriend to which he replied “she already said no!”

Later, Brannan explained that when he got married he would have to move out of Mommy’s house. This upset him and the have decided he can live in her back yard.

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