Car Found Wrecked on Road, Missing Mom Discovered in Woods after 36-Hour Search


It is almost like something out of a movie. A car wrecks on a lonely stretch of wooded road, the driver nowhere to be found.

For one woman and her family, though, it wasn’t out of a movie. This was real life.

Lisa Holman was driving home from visiting a friend when she crashed her car about a mile from her home.

Holman was knocked unconscious, but when she recovered, she thought she needed to get free of the car, fearing it might explode. She wasn’t sure how long she had been unconscious.

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Holman walked along the road looking for help, but turned back when she realized she should have found help already.

Eventually, she came to a marshy area; not wanting to walk through it, she redirected, moving away from the road. The marshy area was right next to her car.

Volunteer rescuers spent 36 hours combing the woods around the wreck of her car. In their desperation, they even used night vision technology and drones to come through the woods.

I can’t even imagine what her family must have gone through. When they did find her, she was alive and well with the exception of a few broken bones and was able to walk out of the woods under her own power.

Holeman was found with a badly-broken clavicle, six cracked ribs, a fractured C7 vertebrae, and a lacerated spleen.

Amy Miller, Holman’s best friend, described what she was able to piece together from her friend’s terrifying experience.

“She thinks she lost consciousness after the crash, and then she got her purse and shoes and placed them outside the car (and) climbed out through the back,” she said.

“Once she got out the car, she knelt down to find her purse and searched around and couldn’t find it; it was so dark,” Miller continued. “Once that happened, she continued to look for her purse and the car was gone.”

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The police released the following statement: “While we are still working to piece together the events of the past few days, we do want to let you know Ms. Holman was alert when we found her, and she was able to walk out of the woods to medical professionals standing by to treat her.”

For Holeman’s family, her ability to survive was not only a miracle, but was also a testament to her strength of character.

“Her ability to withstand these injuries, the weather conditions, and the length of time in the woods is a testament to her resiliency,” they said in a statement.

The family was incredibly grateful to the volunteers who came together to find Lisa. One man even gave Holman his jacket and the shoes off his feet.

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