40 Years After Son Loses Baseball Glove, Woman Finds It at Goodwill 1,100 Miles Away


Humans are a sentimental species. We attribute value to all sort of random odds and ends, which is what wreaks so much havoc in the lives of hoarders when it’s taken to the extreme.

But most people have items they hold near and dear: childhood toys, a stack of old love letters, a particular Christmas ornament — the list goes on.

Many times we don’t realize how much something means to us until it’s gone.

Julie Anne Lisi was browsing the shelves at a thrift store, scouting for treasures, riffling through former possessions to see if anything caught her eye.

Something did: A familiar name. Christopher Lisi.

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Christopher Lisi was Julie Anne’s son, and she couldn’t believe what she was looking at. A decades-old baseball glove sat there in front of her, emblazoned with her son’s name.

“My legs got shaky and wobbly and my husband thought I was in trouble,” she admitted.

“To see your son’s name on a glove from miles away after 40 years,” Michael, Christopher’s dad, said, “I just can’t believe it.”

“I always put my kids’ names on the inside and outside of the glove,” she said. She took a photo of the glove and sent it to her son.

Christopher, now a football coach, sent two words in response. “I took a picture of it and sent it to him right away when I found it and his words were, ‘buy it,’” the surprised mother said.

The story behind the glove hails back to a championship game 40 years ago, when Christopher Lisi was 12 years old. According to Fox 8 News, the team had taken photos after the game, and somehow Christopher had left his glove in the shuffle.

“He says he remembers they took pictures and everything and he must have left his mitt at the ballpark at Todd Field in Willoughby,” Julie Anne said.

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He went back and searched the area, but to no avail. In typical kid fashion, though, Christopher hadn’t told his parents he’d lost it.

“We never really knew that he had lost it; he didn’t share it with us,” Julia Anne said.

For the whopping price of $1.49, Julie Anne was able to snap up the mysterious piece of family history, and it’s now headed to its rightful place among the Lisi trophies.

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