6 Years After Dog Died, Husband Leaves Wife Sobbing with 40th Birthday Gift


What’s the most memorable gift you’ve received or given? Something incredibly personal, handcrafted, or lovingly assembled?

Perhaps it was an autographed copy of the birthday person’s favorite book, or maybe you received something suited so perfectly to you that you didn’t even know you needed it until it was handed to you.

After being with someone for a while, it can be easier to know what they like, but more difficult to get them something new and exciting that you haven’t already gotten them.

One man named Spencer knew exactly what to get his wife for her birthday — but apparently, he’d known for a while.

Six years ago, his wife’s yellow Labrador had passed away. Pets leave an indelible mark on our souls, and apparently, their dog had left a major one on his wife’s.

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After they lost their dog, Michelle wanted another one, but for whatever reason, they weren’t able to get one immediately.

The years passed, and Michelle probably assumed there would be no new dog. Granted, six years is a long time to wait, especially after grieving the passing of a furry friend.

That span of time only meant that she was even more surprised on her 40th birthday. She had no idea that she was about to get what she’d asked for all those years.

When she walked into the dining room and saw her present, all she could do was cover her mouth, look at the gift in shock, and ask, “Are you seriously joking?”

The table was decorated with a tablecloth and presents, but the real surprise was waiting on the other side, with a ribbon on its neck and a balloon tied to its collar.

All Michelle could continue to ask was “Are you joking?” Her husband kept laughing and saying no.

At one point the whole thing seemed to be too much for her, and she covered her face with her hands and tried to dart out of the room. But she was ushered back in and reassured that the gift really was for her.

She didn’t seem to believe the adorable chocolate Labrador puppy was really hers until she knelt down and gave it a big hug.

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“You’ve got to have something special for your 40th,” her husband said, laughing.

The pup was dubbed “Elsie,” and based on Michelle’s reaction, she’s probably a very well-loved addition to a family.

Six years is a long time to be dogless for a dog lover, but thanks to Spencer, this birthday will probably remain one of her most memorable.

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