Actress Doesn't Want To Live Anymore & Cries Out to God, Gets Sign She Was Asking For

Sometimes fame and Christianity don’t seem to mesh well. So much of the life that follows celebrity status counters people’s views of Christianity.

Despite the difficulty, there are still plenty of actors and actresses whose faith is well known: Stars who are not afraid or ashamed of keeping their spiritual allegiance front and center.

Andrea Logan White of “Malibu Dan the Family Man” is now one of those people. Like many Christians, she has gone through rough patches, but it was one particular moment in her 20s when she was brought to the end of herself and desperate for some kind of guidance that her life changed forever.

In a recent interview with Pure Flix, White revealed a very powerful experience she had that convinced her to believe. “I think God is always pursuing us,” White said. “It’s up to us to really wake up and see the signs.”

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She was 22, unable to land any long-term jobs, and dating three guys. “I was doing everything to try to make — do what it is to make one happy in the world’s eyes,” she said during the interview.

“Partying, and dating, and working, and working two jobs, and I just was at the end of myself. I hadn’t really had a solid faith at the time, and I didn’t have a support system out here.”

“I’d been on my own since the day after I turned 20, with $350 in my bank account. And so I was pursuing my dream, and I always say God’s word tells you everything that you are, and Hollywood tells you everything that you’re not.”

After chasing the dream for two years and not turning up any lasting fulfillment or purpose, White began to question her existence. “God, if you’re real, I need you to show me who you are, because I don’t know why I’m here, and I don’t want to live anymore.”

Crying in her car on Sunset Boulevard, she was stopped at a light when the car next to her honked. The man gestured to his radio, she caught the station number, and as he drove away she saw a “Jesus Loves You” bumper sticker on his car.

White turned to the radio station and was shocked by what she heard.

“It was a pastor repeating the exact words that I had just cried out to God with.”

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“God knew that he had to give me a blatant miraculous sign to say, ‘Your time on this Earth is not done yet.’”

She began to attend church again, and says it was at that point that she was truly saved. Her life changed, but a little at a time. She’s also convinced God wants us to be authentic, not perfect.

White refers to herself as a “struggler,” someone who has battled with doubt, disorders and depression — but she keeps fighting. White also mentioned that God heals, but he usually does not do so in an instant. There’s no magic wand, just grit, determination and (ultimately) growth.

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