After Thug Shoots 4 Times and Misses, Homeowner Shows Him How to Aim


When convicted felon Chris Born decided to invade a Francis, Oklahoma, home with another man in the middle of the night on Feb. 5, he likely didn’t expect that he would need to use his gun — as much as an invading thug ever “needs” to use a weapon.

That might explain why he not only missed with the first shot he fired, but he fired three more — and missed with all of them.

The homeowner he shot at was quite a bit handier with his weapon, as KXII-TV reported.

Dennis Reif was woken up by sounds in the kitchen — someone was forcing a way inside.

“I got my gun out of the drawer because I heard someone smashing in here and I saw a flashlight beam,” Reif told the station.

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In moving to defend his home, Reif came face-to-face with Born, who fired four shots at the homeowner.

And didn’t hit once.

Not to make the same mistake as his attacker, he returned fire with his .38 caliber revolver and snapped off two shots. Both struck Born directly in the chest.

“I just quickly leveled at him and fired to protect myself and he screamed and yelled he was hit,” Reif said.

Are you prepared in the event of a home invasion?

“When the shots were fired they dropped everything and left the residence.”

Born fled the property with his accomplice, Dustin Hoots. After a short chase, Born was caught. He was put into the hospital in critical condition — as often happens when one is shot twice in the chest. Hoots managed to escape, but he was also eventually found and apprehended — at Born’s home.

Also arrested were Jeanette Matthews and Tara Whittecar, who authorities believed were serving as lookouts.

While searching for Hoots, police also found stolen property at Born’s residence connected to at least 10 other burglaries.

And it turns out Born has quite a story, according to KXII. Not only was he shot while breaking into a home, he’s also facing felony charges in separate cases, including domestic abuse. He also has two sons, one of whom is in prison on a murder charge, the other who is facing trial for murder, the station reported.

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Now, thanks to the quick thinking of one man, an entire crime spree was cut short.

The lesson here is clear:

Be sure to take the time and effort to construct a solid home defense plan to best protect yourself and your loved ones.

And most of all, be responsible about your Second Amendment rights, and make sure you can hit what you’re shooting at.

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