Age 84 Husband Learns to do Makeup for Wife Going Blind, Now Recording Tutorials for Others


Des and Mona Monahan live in Waterofrd, Ireland, and have been married for 57 years. Mona, 83, has lost her sight in one eye and half her sight in her other eye.

With such bad vision, doing her makeup has become impossible. But not to worry: 84-year-old Des still has his sight, and he’s got heart, too.

Still wanting his beloved wife to feel like herself and have the enjoyment of getting her makeup done, he learned how to do it.

When asked why he chose to pick up this new skill at his age, his response was simple: “If Mona needed something, I would do it.”

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It’s clear the couple is going strong, and his love is obvious in the tender way he does her makeup. Their story went viral, but then EX1 Cosmetics took it one step further by recording a session with Des — a tutorial of sorts.

The elderly gentleman threw out comments and compliments as he gently patted foundation on his wife’s face, keeping a bit of foundation on the back of his hand and using a blender to give her even coverage.

“Less is more,” he advised. “So, I don’t want anything that looks as if there’s makeup on.”

“You know, I just wanted to make Mona feel good.” And he’s accomplished that, according to Mona.

“I love the idea of getting up and getting my face done, and be ready to face the world,” she said. “I absolutely love it. Oh I’m in heaven. I could sit here now for the rest of the day.”

“I picked shade number 2,” Des says as he applies more makeup. “I’m using that all the time now. I thought it was a perfect match. This would be a paparazzi look.”

“There’s really not much to conceal Mona, you’re perfect,” he tells his wife. “Your skin looks flawless. Even Michelangelo would be jealous.”

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The couple were getting ready to go out on a date, which also speaks to the strength of their relationship.

“One thing I am conscious of over the last few years,” Mona said, “is how often we meet up with people, where you have a couple and they’re looking after one another. Late into life, they’re still looking after one another.”

It’s the little things that show how much a person cares, and Des has that in spades!

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