Writer Who Had Psychiatrist Appraise Kashuv Tried To Show Wife 'Tentacle Porn'


The political left can be a very strange place.

As we previously reported, liberals have tried to attack commentator Laura Ingraham for having a less-than-glowing opinion of David Hogg, the Parkland student who has become the poster boy for sanctimonious anti-NRA rants.

Judging by the blow-back from a fairly bland jab that Ingraham made at Hogg, the left believes that criticizing any student who is taking a stance on gun control is completely taboo … but that unofficial rule apparently doesn’t apply to liberal journalists like Kurt Eichenwald.

In a saga that only gets more bizarre the deeper it goes, outspoken liberal Eichenwald made a fool out of himself after he attacked Kyle Kashuv, another Parkland student.

Both Kashuv and Hogg have made media appearances, but there’s a key difference between the two young men: While Hogg has called NRA members murderers with blood on their faces, Kyle Kashuv is using his platform to take a pro-Second Amendment position and has refused to parrot liberal anti-gun talking points.

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Eichenwald apparently couldn’t stand someone having a differing opinion.

Despite the left’s somewhat hysterical insistence that Parkland students who are actively seeking the media spotlight are off limits for criticism, the anti-Trump journalist eagerly went after Kyle Kashuv … and ended up tripping over his proverbial two feet in the process.

“After journalist Kurt Eichenwald attacked pro-gun Parkland school-shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv, conservatives thought they’d found the liberal parallel to Laura Ingraham,” The Daily Beast reported.

“In response to Eichenwald personally insulting Kashuv, the teenager and conservative pundits like Ben Shapiro called upon advertisers to similarly boycott MSNBC and Vanity Fair — the two outlets Eichenwald listed in his Twitter bio as his places of employment,” The Daily Beast continued.

Does Kurt Eichenwald need to step away from politics?

The increasingly desperate Eichenwald went so far as to suggest that Kashuv was deranged and needed a psychiatric evaluation.

In an email sent to Shapiro, the leftist claimed that he had a supposed mental health professional evaluate Kashuv over direct message … a move that if true is unethical, unprofessional and just plain weird.

The weirdness doesn’t stop there.

MSNBC and Vanity Fair did the smart thing and distanced themselves from the bitter liberal writer. Strangely, they revealed that Eichenwald doesn’t actually work for them … he had just been bragging about being their contributor without actually having a valid contract.

“Kurt Eichenwald is not a contributing editor at Vanity Fair,” the magazine told The Daily Beast. “Eichenwald admitted that his contract with MSNBC had also expired,” The Daily Beast reported.

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Then, in what was either a face-saving measure or the sign of a career breakdown, Eichenwald claimed that he didn’t even know he was no longer working for Vanity Fair, but had just assumed he did.

Sharp observers were quick to point out that the same Eichenwald who was so keen to call for a psychiatric evaluation of a high school student might not be so stable himself.

It turns out that not only is Eichenwald apparently obsessed with tearing down Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv, he once admitted to showing his wife and kids tentacle pornography online.

If you don’t know what tentacle porn is, don’t Google it. Suffice it to say that it’s a genre of adult material that involves fantasy monsters and aliens, er, violating women.

“Kurt Eichenwald, who is also a contributing editor at Vanity Fair [Editor: Not anymore!] posted an image of an anti-Semitic flyer on Twitter on Wednesday,” The New York Post reported last June.

“But when Eichenwald tweeted an image of the flyer to prove its authenticity, he also exposed his apparent interest in hypersexualized anime,” the newspaper continued.

His excuse? He was just trying to show the bizarre pornography to his family. So, you know, totally normal.

“Believe it or not, my kids & I were trying to convince my wife that ‘tentacle porn’ existed,” Eichenwald scrambled to insist on his Twitter account. “I tried to find some to show her it was real. But I couldn’t find any — & ended up w/ this.”

Yes, this is the latest voice of the left: A monster-pornography-searching, unwittingly unemployed hack writer who thinks standing up for the Second Amendment is cause to throw a student into the psych ward.

Liberalism is out of control. What was once the well-meaning political movement of the JFK era — when Democrats agreed with conservatives on many things but simply wanted a larger government — has now morphed into an aberrant shadow of its former self.

The left can be defeated based on sound arguments and a focus on reality. Sometimes, however, none of that is necessary. Sometimes, self-obsessed liberal mouthpieces like Kurt Eichenwald conveniently defeat themselves.

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