Bob Powell started his career as a journalist as the editor of a weekly Scripps Howard newspaper in Palm City Florida in 1987, also working as a radio personality for WZZR and as afternoon news anchor for WSTU in Stuart Florida. In 1988, Bob became the Entertainment Editor of the Port Pierce/Port St. Lucie Tribune. In 1989 Bob took a job at WBKB TV-11 in Alpena Michigan as Production Manager and Director of the evening newscasts. In 1990, he moved to Colorado Springs to take the position of evening news anchor at KVOR, just in time to cover Desert Storm. In addition to his duties at KVOR, Bob was responsible for reporting on NORAD, Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, and the U.S. Space Command for the CBS Radio Network. Now an independent journalist, Bob's blog and Internet show, The Truth Is Viral, has developed a reputation for hard hitting journalism focused on the truths that are being ignored, twisted, or just plain lied about by the Mainstream Media - from a Christian perspective. The Truth Is Viral regularly features interviews with extremely credible sources, that blow the lid off the stories "they" don't want you to know. Bob's Website: The Truth Is Viral at