Bank Robber Uses Baby as Human Shield To Escape, Cops Rush in To Save Infant


Bank heists have been a common movie theme. We’ve seen different threats being issued to tellers, different weapons used in the demands and different disguises worn by the would-be robbers.

But you probably haven’t seen one quite like this.

On Wednesday in Murphy, Texas, a 36-year-old woman entered a Bank of America with flammable liquids and demands for cash.

It’s unclear what circumstances prompted Evelyn Misumi to make the decisions she did, but she splashed the lighter fluid on the floor and told the tellers to hand over the money.

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They didn’t, of course, but what they did do was alert the police so that by the time Misumi realized her plan wasn’t working and she exited the building, the cops were already outside, waiting for her.

“Police elected not to draw weapons as no immediate danger to themselves or surrounding individuals was apparent,” an official statement read.

“They did, however, attempt to impede her escape by tasing her. When that proved unsuccessful, officers used pepper spray on the woman.”

After being both tased and pepper sprayed, she headed for a nearby car, reached in, and pulled out an infant. Fortunately, the cops hadn’t drawn weapons, but this move definitely escalated the situation.

While it is unclear whether or not the child was Misumi’s, it was painfully clear what she was intending to do with the child: use the baby as a shield.

A woman in an adjacent parking lot saw the commotion and started filming. She ended up catching those crucial moments when Misumi was detained and the baby rescued.

While several cops approached her from the front, one sneaked around and bear-hugged her from behind, which prevented her from doing anything to the child and allowed the cops in front of her to rush to her and take the child.

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The police department whisked the baby off to a hospital to make sure it was okay.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the child was taken to Children’s Medical Center to ensure that the child did not suffer any consequences from the pepper spray that had been used on the woman,” they said.

Misumi is now facing robbery charges as well as child endangerment charges. Thankfully no one was seriously injured, and hopefully, the little one won’t remember any of this ordeal.

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